Who Is Lunathi Mampofu? Oros Mampofu Sister

Oros Mampofu's sister is Lunathi Mampofu. Lunathi Mampofu is a South African actor, singer, and fashion designer. She is best known for her role as Zikhona in the SABC 1 drama series Ingozi, one of her first television appearances.

Lunathi is not only a well-known and accomplished actor; she also enjoys participating in the activities she enjoys. Her passion for food and physical fitness is one of what drives her. It's no surprise that she met her life partner in a restaurant.

She earned a bachelor's degree in 2010 from the South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance (AFDA). Meanwhile, she graduated from the New York Film Academy in 2013.

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Oros Mampofu Wife - Bianca Carmichael

Oros Mampofu, a South African actor, has been dating Bianca Carmichael since 2018. According to her Instagram account, she is a Program Manager with a post-graduate degree in psychology. She is also pursuing an MSc at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg.

Because of their TikTok videos and their own YouTube channel, the couple made their love public early last year and grew stronger. They are one of the most popular couples in South Africa on various social media. She has 175k followers on Instagram and 688 posts under the verified ID @bianca carm.

They met at a party in 2018, they claimed in an interview with Thomas Gumede on his Mzansi Magic TV show The Lowdown. They got in together shortly before the National Lockdown began in early 2020 and have lived together ever since.

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Children And Family Of Oros Mampofu

Oros Mampofu was born in South Africa, and he has three sisters and an identical twin brother. He grew up & attended school in the Fort Gale district of Cape Town. He afterward relocated to Johannesburg to pursue an acting career. His twin brother works in Hollywood. The well-known actor enjoys family time and recognizes the special individuals in his life.

Prince Mkokeli is the name of his twin brother. The brother-duo refer to each other as "life partners" and value their family relationship. Kheli productions is a media production firm owned by both brothers.

He has a gorgeous and active baby girl named Aarya with his wife, Bianca. Aarya can be found on Instagram with the username @aarya_mampofu, but her mother has looked after the account since she was a kid. She has 101k followers as of this writing.