MaveriX: Who Is Pedrea Jackson? His Age On Wikipedia 

Pedrea Jackson is a famous actor who is also the case of MaveriX. His biography isn't available on the official Wikipedia site.

His IMDb page, however, includes a brief biography. He hasn't given his fans any information about his personal life. He is also known for Crazy Fun Park (2023), Blueback (2022), and MaveriX (2022).

Pedrea Jackson's actual age is still missing on the Web. Based on his images found on the Internet, he seems to be over 20 years.

He has managed to keep his birth details hidden from the public. It's more difficult to determine his birth date because his social media profile isn't visible.

In front of the media, he has likewise avoided mentioning his parents or educational background.

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What Is Pedrea Jackson's Net Worth?

Pedrea Jackson has not revealed his salary for the year 2022. We have no idea how much Oliver earns every month or year. He has been silent when exposing his gains to the public.

For the time being, we may assume that Pedrea Jackson has a sizable fortune, with a net worth of over 4 million dollars. His primary source of earning is acting. 

He also makes money from various advertisements, endorsements, and sponsorships.

Pedrea Jackson Partner: Is He In A Relationship? 

Pedrea Jackson has kept her relationship a secret from the public. Furthermore, there are no indicators as to his partner or relationship status.

Furthermore, the cast of MaveriX keeps his love life hidden from the rest of the world, so the names of his partners are unknown. In other words, he appears to be quite shy, so he hasn't revealed anything about his fan relationships.

Jackson has kept a low profile on social media regarding his dating life. As a result, there is little information about Alison's personal life. His 

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