Meet Ukraine Eurovision Band Kalush Orchestra Member Vlad Kurochka

Vlad Kurochka is active as a dancer in the band Kalush Orchestra, and he has been an engaged band member right from the beginning.

He is also known as MC KylymMen in the band, and due to his unique appearance, people call him a Carpetman. His face and body are all covered by picturesque designs, which everyone calls carpet, and this must be the reason behind him being assigned that particular name.

Likewise, being one of the founding and original member of the band, he has made quite a fandom of himself. Still, unfortunately, there is not much information about his personal life available on the internet. After being announced as a participant in the Eurovision, people have begun searching and trying to know about them.

Because of it, they are grateful that they got an opportunity to represent their nation and themselves in such a massive regional event which will build their fan following even more.

Is The Age Of Vlad Kurochka Present On Wikipedia?

Although the exact age of Vlad Kurochka is not present on Wikipedia, we guess him to be around 25 - 30 years old.

All his other band members are of similar age despite none of them having disclosed the details relating to their age on the internet. This band of young boys has been bringing amazing musical stuff to their fans, and it helped to increase their popularity among all the Ukrainians.

Currently, everyone is wishing them the best and are hoping that they will bring the title of the Eurovision 2022 to the recent war-affected nation of Ukraine.

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Vlad Kurochka Must Be Available On Instagram

No, it does not seem Vlad Kurochka is available on Instagram through his handle, but we can find him through his band's Instagram.

Kalush Orchestra is available on Instagram under @kalush.official, and through this, they share the pictures of their band members and other photos and videos relating to their music and creation. 

We can see ample pictures and performances of Vlad through this platform too. He loves to connect with his followers and fans through it, and from this, we know that his followers love him very much.

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