Why Does Dr Strange Have 3 Eyes At The End? Third Eye Meaning

There is various meaning of the Strange third eye, but the most likely explanation is that it is a manifestation of the eye Agamotto. However, there is no certain way to confirm this until he makes his appearance in the future project.

Like always, Marvel has left all fans on a cliffhanger. People can do is just guess what it signifies. It was seen in the movie after all the conflicts, Strange says Wong is fine but later was seen with the third eye on his forehead.

He was seen with an evil smile too. There are also theories that claim Strange might be another variant, an evil one. The movie has been such an engaging experience and mysterious that people are confused compeletely.

Wanda going completely out of hand and creating a fiasco for Strange to clean up seems to be making more crazier than ever. Rather than having all answers after watching, people come out with questions about when will next part release.

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Is Strange Third Eye In Comics Too?

Yes, Strange has a third eye in comics too. In the comic, the third eye was a manifestation of the Eye of Agamotto. When it appears, Strange seems to have more power than usual.

Eye of Agamotto was the thing in which time stone used to be kept in the sanctum. However, since the limestone has been lost, the eye is completely empty but not useless.

The third eye in the comic is inspired by Hindu deities. Usually, the third eye in Hindu mythology refers to consciousness and knowledge, but it is less likely to be in the case of Dr. Strange's movie.

People are excited to see the next movie in the line of MCU to find the answers to their questions.