Who Is Aaron Violi Wife Rachel? Explore More About Liberal Party Candidate Family

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Aaron Violi is a Liberal Party Candidate running for the seat of Casey & is a married man, married to his wife, Rachel Violi.

Aaron Violi is one of the candidates currently running for Casey's seat for the next federal election. Violi was raised in Casey & has a never-ending love for the place that nurtured his growth.

Violi wishes to give back to the place that holds all of his childhood memories. Violi states, "Casey means so much to me & I hope to get the opportunity to be your representative in our nation's parliament."

Who is Aaron Violi Wife Rachel Violi? Their Age Gap Explored

Aaron Violi is a married man who is currently married to his wife, Rachel Violi. Even though there is little to no information about Rachel, she is still an active supporter of her husband during the election.

Violi has been running for the seat of Casey, preparing for the federal election. Without his wife's support, he would not be able to keep it going. Even though Rachel likes to stay away from the media's eye, she is present during the campaigns & is an active supporter of her husband.

Rachel has been helping in different aspects of the campaign. She is also very passionate about Casey, as both Rachel & Aaron were raised there. Both the couple wants to give back to the people of Casey & bring positive changes to the place.

Currently, Aaron has two children with his beautiful wife, Casey. Even though Casey is a discreet person & does not like to bring her matters into the public eye, she has been helping her husband in his campaign from the start.

However, Aaron & Casey's ages are discreet at the moment, but judging from their pictures, they should only have a couple of years of the age gap.

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Aaron Violi Family Details Explored

Aaron Violi's first family migrated from Italy & settled in Silvan in the 1950s. He is a third-generation resident of Casey & has grown to love the place & share some memories with his family.

Violi has not revealed many details regarding his parents, but he grew up in Casey with his family.

Aaron comes from an Italian background. Violi is also very close to his family & often communicates with them daily. 

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Aaron Violi Net Worth Explored

Aaron Violi's net worth is still discreet at the moment. But considering his successful political background, he must be earning a hefty sum of money.

He first started working at a local food manufacturer, Yarra Valley Snack Foods & he led the sales team for seven years before moving to Mars, Australia.

He then moved into the digital economy, taking up a role at a tech startup in 2019. Aaron has been very active in the community & has worked & been involved there for a long time now.