Dr Alex Khadavi Filed For Bankruptcy Over His Bel Air Mansion, What Rich Was He?

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Horrible horrible horrible: said the celebrity dermatologist Dr. Alex Khadavi after his Bell Air mansion known as The One did not get the reserve price of $50m. 

Alex Khadavi was furious and said, 'Horrible horrible horrible' after his hillside mansion did not reach the reserve price of $50 million, which got listed for $88 million. The celebrity surgeon has threatened to sue the auction for the cost he received for Bel Air. 

Alex Khadavi Net Worth While He Filed For Bankruptcy?

Alex Khadavi, a celebrity Dermatologist's net worth during he filed for bankruptcy must be a few million dollars. As the Daily Mail mentioned, the cosmetic doctor owes tens of millions of dollars to his creditors. He listed his stunning Bel Air mansion for sale in May for $88m.

The celebrity doctor is said to spend at least $46 million on buying and renovating the 21,000 sq. ft hillside mansion. He filed for bankruptcy and stated he dreamed too big after the developing Bel-Air mega-mansion. 

Dr. Khadavi, 49, had built the mansion with beautiful views of Los Angeles but could not hold to it after realizing he needed to pay millions of dollars to his editors. The lavish mansion also has a 24-Karat gold dust-stained floor, an NTF gallery, a champagne testing room, and more. 

However, some of his celebrity clients are Khole Kardashian, Scott Disick, and Lance Bass. Nevertheless, he shares his work on his social media with before and after looks after his treatment. 

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Alex Khadavi Earning As A Celebrity Dermatologist Is Thousands Of Dollar? 

Alex Khadavi's annual income should not be less than a hundred and thousands of dollars because, according to Salary.com, an average salary of a dermatologist is $361,700. However, the site states that it may vary depending on education, certification, years of experience, and more.

Being a celebrity dermatologist, he must have had impressive earnings. He has also left the link of his Dermatology and Laser Medica Center link if anybody wants his treatment. The website has also mentioned they offer a financing system for their treatment. 

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Alex Khadavi Wealth Is Still Millions Of Dollars? Did He Sell His Bell Air Mansion

Alex Khadavi's wealth is still revealed, but he filed for bankruptcy and stated he dreamed too big after buying Bell Air a million-dollar mansion and renovating it. A bankruptcy judge asked the dermatology expert to sell the property for as little as $50 million. 

But unfortunately, he was shocked to get the highest bid of $45.8m only. Thus, he threatened to sue the auction house as it did not reach the reserve price of $50m. However, we hope the cosmetic dermatologist might be able to earn his wealth back.