Is Christiane Paul aka Katrin Jaeger Leaving FBI International? Why?

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Christine Paul aka Katrin Jaeger has been rumored to be leaving the FBI International show as per early reports. Find more about her character arc.

Christine Paul who plays the character of Katrin Jaeger who is currently having a heated issue with her EUROPOL boss in the series.

In the final three episodes to the show that aired on May 10, 2022, Christine's character aka Katrin Jaeger was told that she was on borrowed time.

This came after the culminated effects of her links with the agent and some altercations with the system that she works for.

What unfold in the next phase is yet to be seen but it has been known that her character arc will be followed in another spin-off series eing planned.

Fans are curious to see how the shift will be potrayed in the storyline and if the 'borrowed time' synopsis and statement if pellucid with the upcoming twist in her story.

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Is Christiane Paul aka Katrin Jaeger Leaving FBI International And Why?

It has been rumored that the character of Katrin Jaeger potrayed by cherished actress Christaine Paul will be leaving the show FBI International as the story arc for her character is hinting at her borrowed time plot.

oth the FBI International and FBI: Most Wanted have been renewed for two new seasons each and this has shared a lot of speculations on how and which characters are to be involved in the next phase.

Christiane Paul who featured on the show as Katrin Jaeger ahs been teased in the Hot Water spinoff of the show.

There have been some major turns regarding the character of Christiane in the show as her EUROPOL boss has been infuraiated at the way she handles things.

Katrin has also been told that her ime with the organization is short lived and she is already on borrowed time, hinting at something bitter for her career.

Take A Look At Christiane Paul's Husband

Christiane Paul is a 48 years old actress from East Germany and she has been married twice in her life.

Her first marraige was with German physician Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schwenk.

They married in 2002 and their amrriage lasted for about four years before they consented to a divorce in 2006.

The pair were blessed with a son from their amrriage and they raised him alongside a daughter from her previous marriage.

 In January of 2016, Christiane married a German physicist and they live together in Berlin.

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Christiane Paul's Massive Net Worth Revealed

Christiane Paul have had a pretty successful movie and series career.

She is a well recognized and revered actress and flaunts a net worth of over $1.5 million as of 2022.