Is Cleo McQueen In Hollyoaks Pregnant in 2022? Here Is A Personal Update On Actress Nadine Mulkerrin

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Cleo McQueen from Hollyoaks is again pregnant in 2022. This will be her second time giving birth, as she had her first child back in 2019. 

Hollyoaks fans wonder where Cleo McQueen has been as she is not seen on the set these days. So, to those who don't know, she is pregnant and is expecting to have her second child delivered anytime soon this month. 

Is Nadine Mulkerrin, Aka Cleo McQueen In Hollyoaks Pregnant in 2022?

Nadine Mulkerrin, an English actress known as Cleo McQueen in Hollyoaks, is again pregnant in 2022. She is also a mother of one and gave birth to her first son on 15 October 2019. She and her partner shared that they expected their second baby in December 2021. 

She revealed her pregnancy on Christmas as she gave a video x-ray film to her first kid. She also wrote, "This better not be my only gift, mum." 

Nevertheless, the couple might have thought of their second child a bit quickly, as both of their kids will be able to bond correctly. However, their son will be three in October, and the pair is expecting their other child anytime soon. 

If the baby had been born just over a month ago, it would have been a 30th birthday gift to her husband, Rory Douglas. Thus, the couple must be excited to hold their little one as soon as possible. 

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Nadine Mulkerrin Has Shared Her Baby Bump Pictures On Her Instagram 

Nadine Mulkerrin first shared her baby bump on her Instagram. She wore a white dress and posed with her husband in one picture and an older man who is expected to be her parents. 

While sharing the image, she stated, "Bumps Out! " She also added in the same caption, "She also added, " and no, I'm not eight months pregnant but feel much bigger this time around." According to one of her posts in February, they are expected to have their kid in May. 

However, unlike most people, she has not shared an image of her baby shower. So it is possible she might have done it but did not share any pictures or videos about it on her social media. 

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Nadine Mulkerrin Husband Is Rory Douglas- Is He Her Co-star? 

Nadine Mulkerrin and her husband Rory Douglas first announced their engagement in December 2018. They both are co-stars from Hollyoaks. The actress started portraying the role of Cleo McQueen in the show in 2015. In contrast, her partner is playing the role of Joel Dexter. However, he seems to have started working with the series in 2016. 

We guess the pair might have fallen for each other during their time on the set. It seems they dated for some time and spent time knowing each other before they took a vow. Although Mulkerrin has not posted much recently, she is pretty active on the platform and keeps posting about her personal and professional life going through her social media handle.