What Is The Kevin Costner Amber Heard Quote About? Did He Call Her Out On Her Petition?

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Kevin Costner made a strange quote about Amber Heard back in 2014 when the pair were working together on a project.

Kevin Costner is a well-known American actor, producer, and film director.

He is a decorated actor with 2 Academy, 2 Golden Globe, one Prime Time Emmy, and several other awards under his belt.

With millions of fans all around the globe, Costner is regularly followed by many people who take a deep interest in the actor's activities.

Recently, the quote made by Kevin back in 2014 about Amber Heard is going viral amid the ongoing court trial between the actress and Depp.

Here is everything you need to know about it.

What Is The Kevin Costner Amber Heard Quote About?

The Kevin Costner Amber Heard quote is about how the actress used Depp's name at an after-party to get attention.

It dates back to 2014 when both Costner and heard played in the movie titled 3 Days To Kill.

At an after-party of the movie, Heard was singing the praise of her then-boyfriend, Depp, in a loud manner for everyone to hear.

Most of them were not bothered by it but Kevin certainly didn't like it.

He stood up to say "When you broke up with him for a day or two though it didn’t take you long to find your way into my trailer nak*d though did it?"

There were more than 10 people in the crowd and everyone confirmed the dialogue to have taken place.

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Did Kevin Costner Call Amber Heard Out On Her Petition?

No, Kevin Costner didn't call out Amber Heard on her petition since the quote was back in the day.

Many people seem to have confused that Kevin said the mentioned things at the present time amind the ongoing trial.

However, that is not true and the actor hasn't really discussed the ongoing situation in public.

The quote was said in 2014 and he hasn't shed any light on the saying at the current time.

It is the fans who have dig out the saying and are circulating at the present time.

Meet Kevin Costner On Instagram

You can find Kevin Costner on Instagram under the handle @kevincostnermodernwest.

He has a verified account with more than 851k followers at the current time.

The actor also seems to be pretty active on it as he has already made more than 900 posts.

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