Who Is Ricky Reeves Wife Carly Fitz Patrick? Meet The Couple On Instagram

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Ricky Reeves is a British boxer who has been fighting for several years now & his fans want to know if he has a girlfriend or not.

Ricky Reeves is a professional boxer who has been a boxer for most of his life. However, Reeves is not a full-time boxer & lives a double life as the head of Year 10, a pastoral role at Parkwood Academy.

Reeves is very passionate about boxing & looks at the sport as a disciplined sport. He also explains that all the kids from Parkland love & support what he does.

Ricky likes to keep his boxing career & also his teaching career hand in hand. He is passionate about both his professions & has been able to juggle them quickly.

Explore Ricky Reeves Wife Carly Fitz Patrick & Their Age Gap

Ricky Reeves is currently married to his wife, Carly Fitz Patrick. The couple has been together for several years now & has two children together. 

Ricky & his wife Carly have a daughter, Mabel, who is one year old & a son, Preston, who is five years old.

The pair have been together for six years now. Ricky does not miss a chance to gush about his kids & his wife on his social media. He is often seen posting pictures of himself with his kids & his wife frequently.

Carly is an Estate Agent & both the couple are currently living in the United Kingdom. Ricky is now 31 years old, but his wife, Carly age, is still discreet at the moment.

Judging from her pictures, she should be in her late twenties or early thirties as well & they must only have a couple of years of the age gap.

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Ricky Reeves Family Explored

Ricky Reeves has not revealed any information about his family. He has also not leaked any information regarding his parents to the media yet.

However, he comes from a very supportive & loving family. Reeves is forever thankful to his family for all the love & support they have given him.

Ricky was always interested in boxing & it was not long before he realized he wanted to box professionally. He soon started pursuing his boxing career & has managed to make a name for himself in today's boxing community.

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Ricky Reeves Net Worth Explored

Ricky Reeves's net worth is still under the radar at the moment. However, considering his successful boxing career & his profession as a teacher, he should be earning a hefty sum of money.

His net worth should be somewhere between $100k to $800k. However, he recently lost a match against Ellis Zorro, which cost him 40,000 Euros.

Regardless of the loss, Reeves has explained he will come back even better & one loss does not define his skills. The fights often have wins & losses, but he will not let himself get affected by the loss.