Where Is Martin Shkreli Today? ‘Pharma Bro vs Wu-Tang Clan’ Documentary Details

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Know about Martin Shkreli's today whereabouts as we take a closer look at the Pharma Bro vs Wu-Tang Clan details.

Martin Shkreli is an American former hedge fund manager who was convicted of securities fraud.

He was caught in charges relating to two counts of fraud for the securities scam that he committed in 2015.

After the crime, he switched offices and moved to the pharmaceutical industry.

But he was eventually taken to court for the crimes and was sentenced to seven years in prison along with a multi-million dollar fine.

A few years after the conviction, many people are curious to know about his present whereabouts after a documentary highlighting the incident is released.

Where Is Martin Shkreli Today 2022?

In today's time in 2022, Martin Shkreli is currently serving a seven-year prison sentence in a low-security federal prison in Allenwood, Pennsylvania.

After undergoing several trials, he was sentenced to imprisonment in 2017.

He was banned from the pharmaceutical industry as per the court order and is currently undergoing his prison time.

Shkreli's release date is scheduled for September of 2023 as reported by Wikipedia.

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Martin Shkreli Ethnicity: Is Pharma Bro Jewish?

Yes, Martin Shkreli, known as Pharma Bro, is Jewish as reported by multiple sources online.

He was born in Brooklyn, New York City as disclosed on his Wiki bio.

But it further mentions that the man was born to Albanian and Croatian immigrant parents.

Both of them were Roman Catholic as per the bio but Martin never really believed in god.

Even though he was not a believer, he did establish some of his guiding steps and lines based on religion and god as per the reports.

Pharma Bro Vs Wu-Tang Clan Documentary Wiki

The Pharma Bro Vs Wu-Tang Clan documentary is based on the story of Martin Shkreli and his war of words with the clan.

It is a situation where Shkreli claims ownership over the multi-million dollar secret album of the Wu-Clan.

Two episodes of the documentary are out and the fans are quite liking the work done on the show.

The intense story of the argument that takes a quirky turn as well as other incidents based on real-life are shown in the documented series.

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