What Does Aave Mean On Tiktok? Urban Dictionary Meaning and Trend Explained

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AAVE is African-American Vernacular English spoken by most working- and middle-class African Americans and some Black Canadians, and this article explore why AAVE is trending on Tiktok.

TikTok is a trend-setting and video-sharing platform where users can feature videos consisting of pranks, tricks, jokes, stunts, dances, entertainment, or any other creative content with durations from 15 seconds to ten minutes. And AAVE is one of the topics frequently spoken about by many users on the platform.

What Does Aave Mean On Tiktok? 

Aave or AAVE is all over TikTok as it's a specific way of speaking of the Black Americans; in other words, it represents the unique accents usually used by the black community.

Some of the AAVE often used by multiple users on TikTok might be cap/no cap, bae, boo, sus, simp, hella, shook, lit, tea, etc. People consciously or unconsciously use AAVE while speaking and creating a video on a particular topic.

Some of the often used AAVE on social media
Some of the often used AAVE on social media

However, black people often get offended when non-black people use the language, and some famous video creators have received backlash for misusing aave. People are trying to normalize African American Vernacular English as internet culture. But it exploits Black expression, and the black community has taken the stand to speak up and preserve their language through the video-sharing platform.

Urban Dictionary Meaning of AAVE

The dictionary meaning of AAVE refers to African American Vernacular English or Black Vernacular English, often used by black Americans or can also be called an African accent.

It is a dialect of English created and used in Black communities. Moreover, as per a source, it is systematic, rooted in history, and important as an identity marker and definitive resource for its speakers. 

This variety of English is natively spoken in urban communities by most working and middle-class African Americans and some Black Canadians. Moreover, it has its own unique grammatical, vocabulary, and accent features.

African American Vernacular English is something that many black Americans have tried to address for a few years now, as non-black people seem to be making it an internet culture.

African-Americans are sensitive when it comes to others misusing their language as they get mocked for having ad grammar or speaking incorrect English. So when others use them as a gen-z slang, they might get offended.

Charli D'Amelio receiving backlash for misusing AAVE.
Charli D'Amelio receiving backlash for misusing AAVE.

Recently one of the famous Tiktoker, Charli D'Amelio, with millions of followers, has been the subject of the topic, and she has been receiving backlash for misusing the language. Charlie used the following phrases, me af as f**k and on a flight af as f**k, on her social media, deeming cultural appropriation. Although some of her fans have spoken for her, others have shown their disappointment toward her. 

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