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How Old Are The Motley Crue Band Members

The band Motley Crue is on The Stadium Tour held in different cities of US.
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How Old Are The Motley Crue Band Members? MemberThe Motley Crue Bands' ages are 1. Nikki Sixx (64) 2. Tommy Lee (60) 3. Vince Neil (62) 4. John 5 (53).

Motley Crue is an American heavy metal band that was established in 1981 by bassist Nikki Sixx, drummer Tommy Lee, and guitarist or lead vocalist Greg Leon. The main vocalist Greg was replaced by guitarist Mick Mars after some time of its formation.

Mars was also replaced by the lead vocalist Vince Neil after a month. The band has sold more than 100 million records globally and has received seven platinum or multi-platinum certifications.

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Motley Crue Band Members Ages

Motley Crue Band Members Ages are between 53 and 64 years old. Nikki Sixx is the oldest, and John 5 is the youngest member.

Motley Crue was formed by the founders Nikki, Tommy, and Greg. Nikki left the band in London and started rehearsing with drummer Tommy Lee and guitarist Greg Leon.

Motley Crue has been together from 1981 to 2002, 2004 to 2015, and from 2018 to the present. The only constant member of the band is Nikki. The band changed their lineup several times over the years.

Motley Crue Members NamesBirthdate (Ages)
Nikki SixxDecember 11, 1958 (64)
Tommy LeeOctober 3, 1962 (60)
Vince NeilFebruary 8, 1961 (62)
John 5July 31, 1970 (53)
Mick MarsMay 4, 1952 (72)
Randy CastiloApril 6, 1959 (64)
John CorabiDecember 18, 1950 (Died at 51)
Gregg LeonMay 19, 1958 (65)

How Old Is Nikki Sixx?

Nikki Sixx is performing at the concert.
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Nikki Sixx is 64 years old and he was born on December 11, 1958. He is a well-known American musician and co-founder of the band Motley Crue.

The bassist has worked with numerous artists and groups including Steve Jones, Lita Ford, Alice Cooper, Drowning Pool, and The Last Vegas. In addition to the success, the musician has launched the radio show Sixx Sense.

How Old Is Tommy Lee?

The American musician and co-founder of the band Motley Crue Tommy Lee is 60 years old. He is also a founder of rap metal band Methods of Mayhem.

Born on October 3, 1962, Lee got his first drumsticks at just four and became an excellent drummer in his teenage. He was influenced by the drummers John Bonham, Alex Van Halen, Terry Bozzio, and Tommy Aldridge.

How Old Is Vince Neil?

The lead vocalist of Motley Crue Vince Neil is performing at Wacken Open Air in 2018.
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Born on February 8, 1961, Vince Neil is 62 years old. Neil is famously regarded as the lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Motley Crue.

He worked with the band from 1981 to 1996 and reunited in 1996. Besides, the singer has released his three studio albums as a solo artist, Exposed (1993), Carved in Stone (1995), and Tattoos & Tequila (2010).

How Old Is John 5?

The American guitarist John 5 is 53 years old. His birth name is John William Lowery and later adopted his moniker.

After the retirement of Mick Mars in 2022, with 41 years of service in the band, John 5 was replaced as lead guitarist.

Born on July 31, 1970, he joined the rock band Marilyn Manson as the band guitarist in 1998. John William Lowery also became the guitarist for Rob Zombie. The touring lead guitarist has also released ten solo guitar albums including Vertigo, Songs for Sanity, Requiem, and Sinner.

Motley Crue Current Members 

Motley Crue current members are Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, Vince Lee, and John 5. Some of the members have been working together since their formation.

The former members of the group Motley Crue were Greg Leon, Mick Mars, Michael White, John Corabi, and Randy Castillo.

The group has had different lineup changes over the years due to the replacement of lead vocalist John Corabi and drummers Randy Castillo and Samantha Maloney.

Motley Crue Band Members Now

Motley Crue Band Members now are still performing and touring together. Recently, they were on the Stadium Tour from June to September 2022.

Nikki Sixx

Nikki Sixx is the co-founder of the group and he has worked for more than 42 years. He is a constant member of the band Motley Crue.

He had previously worked for a band named Sister and London from 1975 to 1979. Sixx and Lizzie Grey were fired from the Sister, and the duo formed the band London in 1978.

Sixx has also founded the band name 58 (2000), Brides of Destruction (2002-2004), and Sixx: A.M. (2006-2017). Besides that, he is engaged with others who worked as guest artists on the album and runs the radio show Sixx Sense and The Slide Show CountDown.

Tommy Lee

Tommy Lee is the co-founder of the band, Motley Crue.
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Tommy Lee was a member of the band Motley Crue in 1981. He worked for his independent label Leather Records.

The band is renowned for consuming excessive amounts of drugs such as cocaine, pills, and heroin which caused him to leave the group. Tommy reunited the group in 2004 and began touring Red, White & Crue which grossed $33 million.

Vince Neil

The lead vocalist of the band worked in the band for a few months after the band's foundation. Besides his musical career, he is the owner of the Bar One Club.

The former lead vocalist of the group, Greg Leon, was replaced by Mick Mars and Michael White, who were replaced by Vince Neil later. Neil and Tommy Lee were friends in high school and Neil was hired as a lead vocalist with the suggestion of Lee.

John 5

He is the guitarist of the band, Motley Crue.
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John William Lowery has worked for different bands such as 2wo, David Lee Roth, Marilyn Manson, Loser, and Rob Zombie. After Mars's retirement, he joined the Motley Crue as lead guitarist.

John 5 got his moniker from the band members of Marilyn Manson. Out of a musical career, John William Lowery continues to collaborate with musical artists across many genres.

Motley Crue Albums In Order

Motley Cure has released nine studio albums, three live, eight compilations, and nine video albums. They have sold over 100 million albums globally.

Having sales of more than 25 million albums in the US, they have often been noted for their hard-living lifestyles. The group's ninth album, Saints of Los Angeles, peaked at number 4 on the Billboard chart. The following table lists the studio albums of the group:

AlbumsReleased Date
Too Fast For LoveNovember 10, 1981
Shout at the DevilSeptember 23, 1983
Theatre of PainJune 24, 1985
Girls, Girls, GirlsMay 15, 1987
Dr. FeelgoodAugust 28, 1989
Motley CrueMarch 15, 1994
Generation SwineJune 24, 1997
New TattoJuly 11, 2000
Saints of Los AngelesJune 24, 2008

Too Fast For Love (1981)

Too Fast For Love is the first album of the band, Motley Crue.
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The American heavy metal group Motley Drue released its first studio album, Too Fast For Love, on November 10, 1981. It includes two singles.

The singles released by the album are Stick to Your Guns and Live Wire. The album had mostly positive reviews and peaked at number 77 on the Billboard 200 album chart in the United States.

Shout at the Devil (1983)

Shout At The Devil is the second album of the group.
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The second album, Shout at the Devil, was released on September 23, 1983. The album was supported by three singles.

It includes the songs Looks That Kill, Helter Skelter, and Too Young to Fall in Love, all released in 1984. The album peaked at number 17 on the US Billboard 200 and sold more than 4 million in the US.

Theatre of Pain (1985)

It is the album by Motley Crue that was published in 1985.
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The third album, Theatre of Pain, was released on June 24, 1985. The album was recorded by Elektra Records.

The album is supported by three hit singles Smokin' in the Boys Room (1985), Home Sweet Home (1985), and Keep Your Eye on the Money (1986). The collection successfully reached number 6 on the US Billboard 200.

Motley Crue Top 10 Songs

The group has released 30 singles from its different albums.

The following songs are the top 10 songs listed according to their chart position on the US Billboard magazine, US Mainstream.

  1. If I Die Tomorrow (Red, White & Crue): 2005
  2. Saint of Los Angeles (Saint of Los Angeles): 2008
  3. Dr. Feelgood (Dr. Feelgood): 1989
  4. The Dirt (The Dirt Soundtrack): 2019
  5. Afraid (Generation Swine): 1997
  6. Hooligan's Holiday (Motley Crue): 1994
  7. Without You (Dr. Feelgood): 1990
  8. Hell on High Heels (New Tatto): 2001
  9. Don't Go Away Man (Just Go Away) (Dr. Feelgood): 1990
  10. Better Pill (Greatest Hits): 1998

1. If I Die Tomorrow (Red, White & Crue)

The song is from the album Red, White & Crue and it was released on May 23, 2005, in the UK. The song was released by Universal Records.

The song titled If I Die Tomorrow was vocal by Vince Neil and written by Simple Plan and Nikki Sixx. It reached number 4 on the US Billboard Mainstream Rock.

2. Saint of Los Angeles (Saint of Los Angeles)

Saint of Los Angeles from the same-titled album was released on April 11, 2008. It is the first single nominated for Grammy Awards.

The song was written by Nikki Sicc, DJ Ashba, James Michael, and Marti Frederiksen and recorded for Motley Records. It peaked at number 5 on the US Billboard Mainstream Rock and 20 on the US Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100.

3. Dr. Feelgood (Dr. Feelgood)

The first single from the same-titled album was released on August 28, 1989. The song was released by Elektra Records.

The song was written by Nikki Sixx and Mick Mars and produced by Bob Rock. It is the first top ten hit of the group that reached number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 and certified Gold by the RIAA with sales of 500,000 records in the United States.

Motley Crue Name Meaning

Motley Crue Band was formed in 1981.
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The band Motley Crue name meaning is a diverse and poorly organized group. Mick borrowed the name from another group and made a few changes.

Initially, Sixx was thinking about the name for the band as Christmas. The band members thought about the name, but Mars suggested the name 'motley looking crew' which he had heard when he was playing with the band White Horse.

Mick copied it and phrased it as Mottley Cru and they modified its spelling to 'Motley Crue'. So, the meaning of the Motley Crue is a diverse and poorly organized group.