AGT: Kodi Lee Has Addison's Disease - Here Is An Update On The Singer's Health And Diagnosis

AGT Seaon 14 Winner, Kodi Lee
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Kodi Lee, a competitor on America's Got Talent, won the show after wowing the judges and the nation with his singing and piano playing abilities. He is blind and autistic.

Kodi is an American pianist and singer-songwriter who was born in Korea. After competing in the 14th season of America's Got Talent and finally winning, he gained notoriety.

He submitted an application for AGT in 2019, and within a few weeks, his play had amassed more than 50 million views online. He was crowned the winner at the conclusion of the season.

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AGT: Kodi Lee Illness & Addison's Disease Diagnosis

Kodi Lee is legally blind as a result of having optic nerve hypoplasia since birth. The artist has Addison's disease, which is associated with low sodium, high potassium, or low cortisol levels in the body, in contrast to being diagnosed with autism.

He is an exceptional pianist who also sings with a range that seems to go on forever. Kodi was a musical genius, which he immediately proved when he sang Leon Russell's A Song for You for his America's Got Talent audition.

TV Over Mind claims that Lee had a congenital illness that was discovered when he was only five days old, and that condition nearly killed him.

Based on the National Organization for Rare Disorders, this illness is characterised by the underdevelopment (hypoplasia) of the optic nerves.

Sight can vary from having no sense of light to having superb functional eyesight or even having a full view in one eye.

Lee, a native of Lake Elsinore, California, showed he wasn't a one-trick pony in August when he went for the quarterfinals and sang 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' by Simon and Garfunkel.

What Is Wrong With Kodi Lee? The AGT Singer's Problems

Kodi Lee, a 23-year-old singer who has autism and is blind due to optic nerve hypoplasia, won the 14th season of 'America's Got Talent.'

The optic nerve's underdevelopment causes the medical disorder known as optic nerve hypoplasia (ONH). This disease is the most prevalent congenital abnormality of the optic nerve.

Without assistance from his brother Derek, Kodi is unable to dress. Being legally blind, he studies only in the first or second-grade range using braille or large text held across his eyes.

He is emotionally receptive, energetic, and autistic. He's developed breathing techniques to manage his crying fits, but when he's in front of a keyboard, the singer transforms into a prodigy.

In the audition of AGT season 14, the judges and crowd stand and cheer for Lee after he sings 'A Song for You' with ease, according to the details mentioned by Yahoo.

Who Is Kodi Lee Girlfriend? Dating Life And Relationship

Kodi Lee has not shared any details regarding his girlfriend or relationship until now. 

In fact, the specially-abled singer has not given any hints regarding his love life on his social media handles, notably Instagram. So, it stands to reason that he is probably single and focused on his career right now.

The 26-years-old singer auditioned for America's Got Talent 14th season in 2019. He listed his top 15 Golden Buzzer events from Season 17 of AGT in July 2022, with himself coming in third, as per Wikipedia.

At the AGT Qualifiers 3 Results episode in August 2022, Kodi sang 'Don't Stop Believin' in a duet with Teddy Swims and guitarist Neal Schon, the band Journey's founding member.

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