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Aleksandar Vukic Parents Rad Vukic And Ljiljana Vukic Immigration Story

Aleksander Vukic Verified Stoked with his first ever grand slam win in 2022.
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Aleksandar Vukic parents Rad Vukic and Ljiljana Vukic are computer programmers. Aleksandar Vukic has a brother called Vladimir Vukic.

Vukic has had a successful tennis career thus far, achieving a career-high ATP single ranking of 117, which he accomplished in February 2022. He also has a notable career-high ATP double ranking of 394, which he also achieved on the same date.

Vukic has also won one ITF Futures singles title, demonstrating his skill and dedication to the sport. Vukic's professional career began with his main draw ATP singles debut at the Sydney International in 2018, which was a significant milestone for him.

Furthermore, he made his Grand Slam debut at the French Open in 2020 after successfully qualifying for both. This is a significant achievement for any tennis player, and it shows Vukic's potential to be a top player in the future.

Aleksandar Vukic Father And Mother

Aleksandar Vukic father Rad Vukic and mother Ljiljana Vukic are highly educated personalities. 

Aleksander's father, Rad, had to flee his home country of Sarajevo during the civil war. He could escape the dangers of the war by disguising himself and joining another family on a plane meant for those in need of immediate evacuation.

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At that time, Rad had little interest in tennis as it was not a sport he was familiar with. However, after the Vukic family settled in Sydney, Australia, Rad discovered a love for the game and began to play it with an obsessive passion.

He then passed on his enthusiasm for tennis to his younger son Aleksandar, encouraging him to pursue a career in the sport. Despite the challenges and difficult circumstances that Rad had faced, he found a way to create a better life for his family, including finding new hobbies and passions, such as tennis.

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Rad is an Analyst and programmer in an IT firm called CIT. He has completed a Master's degree in Business focusing on E-Business.

Ljiljana, like her husband Rad, is a developer. She is currently employed by Telstra Bigpond, a well-known Australian internet service provider, in their Sydney office. Her role likely includes the design, development, and maintenance of the company's technology products and services.

Aleksandar Has An Older Brother

Vladimir Vukic, the elder brother of Aleksandar, is a key figure in understanding the Vukic family's journey.

Born in Bosnia during the early 1990s, Vladimir had "really bad" asthma, which prompted Rad and Ljiljana to flee the war and move to Australia with almost nothing.

Aleksander Vukic with his brother Vladimir Vukic
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Vladimir was introduced to tennis at the age of 10 by his family. He introduced his younger brother Aleksandar to the sport, who would later pursue a successful tennis career.

Instead of pursuing tennis, Vladimir now works in the private equity sector. He is a prime example of how the Vukic family has overcome adversity and built a successful life in Australia through hard work and determination.

Vladimir Vukic is Investment Manager at Pemba Capital Partners.
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Vladimir works as an Investment Manager at Pemba Capital Partners in Greater Sydney. He completed his high school education at Normanhurst Boys High School and earned a dual bachelor's degree in Commerce and law with first-class honors from the University of New South Wales (UNSW).

In 2018, he completed a master's degree from the London Business School.