Alex Turner Tattoos Meaning And Pictures: Did His Ex-Girlfriend Taylor Bagley Get A Breakup Tattoo?

Alex Turner is the front man and principal songwriter of the rock band Arctic Monkeys.
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Alex Turner grabbed many eyeballs with his musical presentation through his band "Arctic Monkeys" and supergroup "The Last Shadow Puppets."

He is a multi-talented man having a forte as a musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer. Likewise, aside from his ensemble musical works with his two groups, Turner also records as a solo artist.

With Arctic Monkeys, Turner saw their debut album, "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not," become the fastest-selling debut album in British history in 2016.

As the band's frontman, he is cited as an internal part of the band and the British music industry.

Alex Turner Tattoos Pictures On His Arms Went Viral For Their Meanings

The Artic Monkeys' gentleman, Alex, always seen in suits and jackets, has a big tattoo that often goes unnoticed.

However, his true fans are aware that the singer has more than a tattoo with deep meanings to ink on his body. One is his bog flower tattoo on his left wrist which he is proud of.

The tattoo symbolizes his tribute to his home city Shieffled where he was born and raised. The prominent tattoo is of a flower and "Sheffield" written under it, indicating that his birthplace means a lot to him.

Singer Alex Turner showing his big
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To be precise, Alex grew up in Sheffield and formed Artic Monkeys there only. Thus, one can only imagine that the place and the big tattoo represent love and pride for his humble background.

Apart from the big ink, the "Submarine" singer also inked his former lover's name on his right wrist, which became more well-known among his fandom.

When the pictures hit the web, it created a huge stir among his fans, who are mostly females.

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Alex Turner And Ex-Girlfriend Taylor Bagley May Have Broken Up But The Tattoo Remains

The world knows the love relationship between the Artic Monkeys' leader Alex and model-actress Taylor Bagley.

The biz stars dated from 2015 to early 2018 and bombarded the news during their time together. During the peak of their love, both had inked tattoos of each other's names on each other's arms.

Taylor had inked "A L E X" on her left wrist while Alex wrote "T A Y L O R" on his right wrist.

Alex Turner dedicated his love to former girlfriend Taylor Bagley by inking
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Such a unique dedication to each other had become a new sensation of love for their fans. Sadly, their love did not last long, but their tattoos remained.

RadioX UK confirms that Taylor covered her Alex tattoo with a headstone figure writing RIP and later wrote her late dog's name, Scooter, below it.

Meanwhile, Alex's Taylor tattoo's recent news remains to himself as he has barely shown his wrist to the world.

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Singer Alex Turner Is Enjoying A Happy Dating Life With Current Girlfriend Louise Verneuil

Alex Turner and the French singer-songwriter Louise Verneuil have been rumored to be in love since 2018. They have been together since then, keeping their love private from everyone.

While the industry is aware of the two's love, both have resorted to keeping away their lovely moments from the world.

This way, the couple has avoided unwanted limelight and distraction from the public. Louise is best known for her 2020 album "Lumiere Noire," one of her latest addition to her career.

The French dame is active on social media platforms, unlike Alex, who does not run any accounts under his name. However, Louise has not uploaded anything suggesting close time with her Arctic Monkeys' famed boyfriend.

Prior to dating Louise and Taylor, Turner had been in relationships with British model-presenter Alexa Chung from 2007 to 2011, actress Arielle Vandenberg from 2011 to 2014, and Johanna Bennett from 2005 to 2007.

Many netizens have pointed out the similar facial resonation between Alexa Chung and Lousie though Alex has paid no heed to such discussions.