All About Bernard Looney's Estranged Wife Jacqueline Hurst And Net Worth

Bernard Looney is the widely acclaimed CEO of BP plc, a British oil and gas company. ( Source : Bp )

Bernard Looney is the new sensation in the business world as this CEO has created headlines for his earnings.

He is the current CEO of the centennial oil and gas company, BP plc. BP is one of the world's seven oil and gas "supermajors" that has a wide knab of the world's fuel manner. 

As of August 2022, social media platforms have gone into a frenzy as they have come to learn the BP CEO's salary last year.

Twitter is full of discussion threads on Looney's earnings right now while he is busy at work.

Bernard Looney Is Estranged From Ex-Wife Jacqueline Hurst

The rich and most talked about CEO was previously married to Jacqueline Hurst. The two are estranged now and do not share a good bond after their divorce.

Ms. Hurst is counted as one of the top life coaches in London. Her book "How To Do You" garnered her the title of No.1 Best selling International author from the U.K.

Looney and Hurst were married for two years, but the marriage crumbled down when the former dumped her via a Whatsapp text.

Jacqueline Hurst is a British life coach, author and columnist for GQ Magazine.
Jacqueline Hurst is a British life coach, author and columnist for GQ Magazine. ( Source : Magazine )

In her self-published book "How To Do You: The Life-Changing Art of Mastering Your Thoughts and Taking Control of Your Life," Ms. Hurst revealed that she was naturally devastated when her marriage broke without warning. 

She blames Looney for marrying her only to get ahead in his work at BP. Hurst has now moved on and is busy with her life and work. 

The former Mrs. Looney has been married twice but is open about her life through her Instagram handle and official work website.

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BP CEO Bernard Looney Net Worth Is In Billions 

Dubbed as a "company man" and a "cash machine," Looney's net worth figures are surely not to be taken lightly.

As Forbes claims that BP plc has a jaw-dropping revenue of $158 billion, assets worth $287.3 billion, and an average profit of $7.6 billion every year, Looney's net worth, too, is quite impressive.

Irish businessman Bernard Looney FREng is a multi-billionaire from the sole earnings from BP.
Irish businessman Bernard Looney FREng is a multi-billionaire from the sole earnings from BP. ( Source : Aberdeenlive )

The CEO in his 50s first joined the company when he was 20. Throughout three decades in the company, he gradually climbed the ladder of success to BP's CEO.

Thus, his net worth is undoubtedly in many billions, though, the "workaholic" Looney has refrained from publically speaking about his stacked-up wealth.

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How Much is Bernard Looney Salary In 2022?

Daily Mail UK's recent report confirms that the BP CEO paid him £4.5 million as his salary last year.

Since the company also reeled in £6.9 billion in profits, it paid its CEO very well, bombarding the corporate world. Last year's gains mark the highest in fourteen years.

Bernard Looney had first joined the company as a drilling engineer in 1991 while he initially helped on his family farm. He was appointed BP's CEO in 2020 to bag such huge salary figures from the company.

Meanwhile, there have been estimations that his earnings would soon reach £11.7m by the end of 2022.

The news of his salary is quite amusing for the public as the general public and their households are currently struggling with the cost-of-living crisis and inflation.