What Ethnicity Is Ammika Harris? An In-Depth Look At The Personal Life Of An American Model

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Ammika Harris is a stunning model who has crossed 1 million followers on Instagram. This article explores some details relating to Ammika and her lifestyle, so continue reading to get to know Harris.

Ammika Harris is a 28 years old model from Atlanta, Georgia, born on the 15th of May 1993 to her Asian-American parents.

The model is famed for being an ex-girlfriend of the American singer-songwriter Chris Brown, and they also have a baby together.

Furthermore, Harris did her schooling at the Arabia Mountain High School in Lithonia, Georgia, and later attended the University of California.

What Ethnicity Is Ammika Harris, And What Religion Does She Follow?

Ammika Harris has not shared her ethnicity and the religion she follows with the media, but as per a source, she is of Blasian or Afro Asian born to a Thai mother and a Black father.

Even though Harris has not talked about her background and upbringing, Hollywood life has shared that she is a mix of African-American, Asian, and Native American with Cherokee blood. 

Hopefully, Ammika will share about which God she worships and what she believes in to keep her admirers and well-wishers updated on her private life as she hasn't shared much about her off-camera lifestyle.

Has Ammika Harris Introduced Her Family On Social Media?

Ammika Harris has not yet introduced her family members to her fans and kept their identities confidential despite being a social media sensation. Maybe her parents prefer maintaining a low profile and don't enjoy the spotlight.

Although the model hasn't shared information about her beloved mom and dad, she hasn't limited herself from posting numerous pictures of her baby boy; Ammika is the baby mama of Chris Brown's son.


She dated the American singer/songwriter in 2015, and they share a two-year-old child named Aeko Catori Brown. Aeko was born in 2019, and the little one celebrates his birthday on the 21st of November each passing year; his astrological sign is Scorpio, represented by a Scorpion.

How Much Might Be Ammika Harris's Net Worth As A Model?

Ammika Harris might have pilled up at least $1 million to $3 million or more or less in her bank account for being a model in the United States and Germany.

Harris's most modeling gigs are in Germany, and she is also a social media sensation with 1.1 million followers; she endorses many brands through the platform.


Moreover, the model might have posed for several magazines, but she hasn't disclosed her earnings and how much she makes from her profession. Considering her lifestyle through her social networking sites, she seems to be living a comfortable lifestyle with the money she made through her job.

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