Who Is Anatoly Shariy And Why Is He Arrested? Pro-Russian Ukrainian Journalist Detained In Spain

Pro-Russian blogger Anatoly Shariy has recently been detained in Spain for high treason & people are wondering what led to the arrest.

Anatoly Shariy is a Ukrainian blogger & journalist who has recently been detained in Spain. He has been taken to Madrid, where he will appear in front of a court. 

The arrest of Anatoly was announced on Thursday, May 5, through Ukraine's security services. Anatoly's family has voiced their concerns by voicing their opinions on social media platforms.

Shariy, on the other hand, has denied all claims and charges. He explained that he is the victim of political persecution, that he is innocent, and has been falsely accused.

Why Is Anatoly Shariy Arrested In Spain? 

Anatoly Shariy, a Ukrainian blogger and journalist, was arrested in Spain on charges of 'high treason for his involvement in pro-Putin propaganda.

Ukraine's SBU domestic security service made the international arrest. The media isn't sure where they discovered Shariy.

Shariy, on the other hand, has denied all claims and stated that Neo-nazi groups in Ukraine are targeting him because his work focuses on exposing state corruption.

It is still unclear what the consequences might be for Anatoly. But Anatoly will soon be appearing in front of a court & testifying.

All of Shariy's family members, including his wife, have shown concern over social media accounts & have been trying to raise awareness about Anatoly's case.

His arrest has piqued the interest of many people worldwide, and he has received a lot of public support.

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Who Is Anatoly Shariy? Explore Who He is

Anatoly Shariy is a Ukrainian journalist & a blogger. Besides, he is 43 years old at the moment. He is originally from Kyiv. 

Anatoly has been living in a town somewhere on Spain's coast for some time now. According to reports, he has been living there since 2016 while claiming political asylum.

Shariy grew up in Ukraine. However, he began working as a journalist in 2005. He is a married man. Shariy is married to his beautiful wife Olga, who he has shared several pictures with on the internet. 

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What Was The Cause For Shariy Arrest On Thursday?

The investigation carried out on Shariy has multiple pieces of evidence, which have been confirmed by several expert studies, which established that Shariy's interviews & speeches had been subjected to several activities against Ukraine.

The security services of Ukraine also have several reasons why they believe that Shariy acted on behalf of foreign agencies. 

Recently it has been known that Ukraine is currently preparing the documents extradition of Shariy.