Andrea Iervolino's Net Worth Explored As The Italian Film Producer Is Linked To Selena Gomez

Andrea Iervolino is a well-experience and accomplished man in the filmmaking and entrepreneurship. ( Source : Medium )

Andrea Iervolino has intrigued the netizens with more on his whereabouts since they have come across him vacationing with Selena Gomez once again.

The ubiquitous name in pop music, Gomez's love life, often bombards the global news. This time, her photographs with Iervolino have hit her curious fans as the duo was seen enjoying some quality time in Positano.

While the "Same Old Love" singer's life has always been open to the public, netizens are now excited to get to know about Iervolino.

Andrea Iervolino Net Worth Is In Millions As A Film Producer 

The new vacation partner of Selena Gomez, Andrea, is a film producer, entrepreneur, and businessman by profession.

His IMDb confirms that he has produced 69 movies, TV series, and short movies since 2004. Eight of his produced movies are on their way bit the big screens in upcoming years to collect some heavy box office revenue.

As of 2020, Andrea ventured as a writer and gave concepts to the TV series "Puffins" in 2020, followed by writing stories of "Christmas Thieves" and "The Christmas Witch" in 2021.

CEO Andrea Iervolino attending the TATATU Press Conference on March 06, 2019 in Rome, Italy.
CEO Andrea Iervolino attending the TATATU Press Conference on March 06, 2019 in Rome, Italy. ( Source : Gettyimages )

The Hollywood-hit producer is also an entrepreneur and businessman on the side while primarily focusing on investing in movies.

Hence, it should not be debated that Andrea is a multi-millionaire with a long history of producing movies. While the exact figure of his net worth has escaped the public knowledge, for now, estimations mark it above $20 million in 2022.

Meanwhile, his close "friend" Selena Gomez has a whopping $95 million per Celebrity Net Worth. She has been active in the music and acting industry since 2002 while leading her beauty brand, "Rare Beauty."

In Dubious Battle Producer Career Earnings Remains To Himself

This Italian hunk of a producer and businessman has rarely talked about the earnings and profits that he makes from his movie collection.

This indicates that he is quite a professional and privacy-centers person regarding his personal life. However, his financial status is sure staggering, given his lavish vacations with his celebrity friends around the globe.

Aside from his recent yacht vacation in Positano, Andrea is mainly surrounded by well-known faces at parties around the U.S.A, Canada, Italy, and Europe.

His career in filmmaking and looking after his business ventures, TaTaTu and SPACE 11. The former is an entertainment platform with rewards for users watching and sharing content, founded in 2018.

Meanwhile, Andrea founded SPACE 11 in 2021, partnering with SpaceX experts. The company has announced its series "Galactic Combat," which will look at over 40 martial arts fighters competing in zero gravity.

They have plans to take the finalists' last competitions in a rocket shuttle orbiting Earth in 2023. With his mind on heavy investing, Andrea has received profitable career earnings to this day.

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Italian Film Producer Is Linked To Selena Gomez Due To Their Vacation

Daily Mail UK has given in full insights into Andrea and Gomez's happy moments during their luxurious yacht vacation in Positano.

Both were happy to be on each other's side, and the producer even held the hands of his former actor towards the sea.

Andrea Iervolino and global icon Selena Gomez were seen sharing happy times in Italy.
Andrea Iervolino and global icon Selena Gomez were seen sharing happy times in Italy. ( Source : Dailymail )

Selena had played the role of Lisa London in Iervolino's 2017 movie "In Dubious Battle." Likewise, this is not the first time that the two have been seen together.

This pair was often time photographed partying with each other, but their August vacation hints at more than friendship and professionalism between them. 

Pictures of the vacation have circulated among Selenators, as they are happy to see Gomez moving on and enjoying her life to the fullest.

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Andrea Iervolino Is Single Without Children and Family

The Italian producer Andrea Iervolino is a man with a busy schedule, many work ventures to look after, and single life.

The 34-year-old has never been married, and his love life deets have mostly stayed away from the media. Likewise, he shares no children from his past relationship, just like Gomez.

Andrea is an Italian–Canadian born in Cassino, Italy, in the province of Lazio. He hailed from a wealthy family until they went bankrupt when their family business went into inexperienced hands.

His mother, Sofia, has been a big supporter of him as she raised him as a normal child despite being bullied for being a stutter.

Andrea's mother is a Canadian but was adopted and raised in Italy, while his father, Giovanni, later battled alcoholism. The family is back in luxury due to Andrea's taking on a successful career.