Andrew Prue Wife Alexis Prue and Inside His Family Life

Andrew Prue and Alexis have been dating since 2016.
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Andrew Prue wife Alexis Prue is a social media personality on TikTok. Andrew and Alexis married on 20 May 2021.

Andrew is an account executive at WMBF and worked as a Television Journalist. At the same time, Alexis is a TikTok personality born in 1995 in Brooklyn, New York.

Andrew and Alexis currently live in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Alexis is the eldest daughter of Francine Lorraine Cameron.

Andrew Keeping Alexis Prue In His Prayers

Andrew Prue and partner Alexis Graham had a wedding on 20 May 2021.

Alexis got a cardiac stroke on January 7, 2023. Through his TikTok, Prue sent a sincere plea for prayer for her. In a letter to his partner, Andrew asked that everyone pray for her.

Alexis was revived after her heart stopped beating for three minutes. Alexis remains in the ICU.

Alexis Prue graduated from Miller Motte Technical College.
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She needs to improve because Andrew and India need her more than she can imagine.

Andrew tweeted for Alexis recovery following a health scar.
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A few people ignorantly blasted the message, believing it to have an anti-vaccination purpose, despite most people praying and wishing for her quick recovery.

Andrew and Alexis together Empire State Building enjoying their vacation.
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While going through a difficult moment, he pleaded with everyone to refrain from making unwarranted assumptions about her health.

Alexis did graduate from Miller Motte Technical College. In 2019, she earned her graduate degree. In South Carolina, Alexis works as a cosmetologist. Through her TikTok account, she teaches people about beauty products and how to apply them properly.

Andrew Prue and Alexis Graham Married Life

Andrew Prue and Alexis Graham have been together since September 2016.

The couple was blessed with a daughter named India Lorraine Prue on September 21, 2021.

India’s grandfather David Prue left the world just a month after she was born.

Alexis Prue and her husband Andrew before few days of Christmas.
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Since Alexis and Andrew went through several stages of their relationship from being children to adults, and because they are so different while sharing their life, they have a very mature and well-understood love story.

The Prue pair has been open about their love on social media; they are a happy couple who have been on each other's side their entire relationship.

In any holiday celebrations, Andrew and Alexis have never been apart. They celebrate the special day with their daughter.

Andrew and Alexis Prue in their wedding Anniversary in 2017.
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The couple does not need to be in a long-distance relationship because they have been working in the same state.

Andrew shared the post in the Christmas posts with his daughter India, Alexis, and other family members.

He published a photo of his loved ones wishing everyone a great Christmas. In the post, Andrew left a statement outlining the value of spending time with loved ones and how this is the best part of the Christmas season.

Andrew and Alexis in their weeding day.
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Alexis and Andrew were best friends, as she posted the photo of their wedding day. She found a man who makes her laugh so hard that she sneezes and gets sick to her stomach. Genuine, soothing, and with no hint of awkwardness.

Alexis through her Instagram announced the pregnancy of their daughter India.
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Alexis revealed her pregnancy on Instagram on August 2, 2021, with a lovely caption for her daughter India. She stated during her baby shower that her unborn girl had received more affection and endured a great deal of waiting. She has thanked everyone who hoped for her family.

Andrew Prue Family Life

Andre Prue has a total of three members in the family. Andrew, Alexis and their daughter India are the ones living together.

Prue with Alexis and Daughter India in the day of Christmas in 2022
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The spouses are highly active on their Instagram, even though much of their family's information is kept private. There are numerous posts in Alexis and Andrew's profile and their daughter's.

Even India has a parent-run Instagram account under the handle baby_prue. With 187 followers, Instagram has more than a hundred posts.

Despite the couple's contented existence, the health issues Alexis was having upset the entire family, and they are now anxiously awaiting her recovery.