Who Is Antiques Road Trip Presenter Steven Moore Wife? Facts To Know On His Love Life

Meet Steven Moore the famous cast from Antiques Road Trip ( Source : Bbc )

Steven Moore, best known for the television series Antiques Road Trip, will be seen again in the upcoming episode of Antiques Street Journey.

The Tv personality has played self-expert in nine episodes and collaborated with stars Tim Wonnacott, James Braxton, and Izzie Balmer from 2020 to 2022. 

Furthermore, the television show follows two antique experts who compete for five days by purchasing antiques and selling them in five auctions. Similarly, the program is conducted in a lighthearted manner, with all proceeds going to charity.

Steven Moore Antiques Roadshow Wikipedia

Steven is a well-known figure in luxury, design, and antiquities, all of which he approaches with zeal. His appearances on the BBC's "Antiques Roadshow" and "Antiques Roadtrip" have made him a worldwide household name among television viewers.

The Tv personality has extensive knowledge of the antiquities "business," having worked as an antique dealer, auctioneer, and museum curator. He is an accomplished author, writer, and designer.

Likewise, he has worked as a consulting editor for Miller Publications, rewriting, expanding, and authenticating text for various of the publisher's products, including the yearly Price Guide, Collectibles, and other publications. 

Steven Moore, Creative Director of Burleigh.
Steven Moore, Creative Director of Burleigh. ( Source : Instagram )

Previously, he used to write articles for publications like The World of Interiors, Country Life, Gardens Illustrated, and Homes and Antiques. He also wrote a weekly column for the Newcastle Journal and a long-running monthly essay for the North East Times.

Additionally, during Steven's time as an antique dealer, he rediscovered many "lost" treasures, including a set of William Morris tiles now in the collection of The William Morris Gallery.

One of the apex moments of his career as an auctioneer was the recovery of the "Thornhill Stem Cup," a piece of early blue and white porcelain from the Ming dynasty made for the Xuande Emperor and sold by Lyon & Turnbull in 2016 for £3.6 million.

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Does Antiques Road Trip Presenter Steven Moore Have A Wife?

Steven is a married man who has publicly commented on his wife's personal information. He and his wife, however, are doing well in Newcastle, Venice.

In addition, neither the actor nor her partner has tagged the other in their shared social media posts. Some viewers, however, have presumptively assumed single.

The actor has 4,598 followers on Instagram and goes by the handle @mrstevenmoore. He also follows 2,000 users. He has now blogged 2109 times.

Steven Moore, a well-known figure in the antiques world
Steven Moore, a well-known figure in the antiques world ( Source : Mrstevenmoore )

Furthermore, he identified himself as an antique man on @BBC @AntiqueRoadTrip and @bbcantiquesroadshow in his account. He's also the Geordie's full-time #antiquesroadshow #antiquesroadtrip and the Venetian's part-time.

Steven Moore Net Worth 2022: His Earning And Salary Info

Moore's net worth is estimated to be $2.5 million as of 2022. He hasn't revealed his actual earnings.

He may still be able to make a decent living as a well-known personality and a highly regarded authority on luxury, design, and antiques. Steven can also sell antiques for a high price; at an auction, he sold a carved wooden horse he paid £10 for £550.

Most of his wealth has been amassed through his work as an auctioneer. He must have accumulated sufficient wealth to live a comfortable and contented life.

On a West Fife episode of Antiques Street Journey, Steven and co-presenter Angus Ashworth discovered a carved picket horse that they thought would sell well at a public auction. They made a profit of around £500 after purchasing it at a public auction in Dunblane for £10.