Who Are Arlo Mertz Parents Carrie Gifford And Hal Mertz? Meet The Terminal List Actress Family

Arlo is a child actress ( Source : M )

Arlo Mertz, a well-known actress from her new series "The First Lady," is the daughter of mother Carrie Gifford and father Hal Mertz.

Mertz is a very well-known child actress currently making headlines in Hollywood with her fabulous performances in some films and TV shows.

The 11-year-old actress is well known for her impressive performances in well-known television shows, such as The Terminal List, The First Lady, and On the Verge in 2021.

Meet Arlo Mertz's Parents: Carrie Gifford And Hal Mertz

Eleven years ago, Arlo Mertz was born in Los Angeles, California, the USA, to her parents, Carrie Gifford and Hal Mertz, but her exact date of birth is yet to be disclosed.

The actress's mother, Carrie Gifford, is currently 45 years old. She is a well-known artist from Los Angeles who has spent many years teaching theater to students before joining up with her husband, Hal Mertz, to form Red Cap Cards.

Arlo's mother is very proud and frequently shares photographs of her daughter on social media platforms. She never fails to appreciate her daughter's performance and career.

Meanwhile, the actress's father, Hal Mertz, who is currently 47 years old, is an American businessman and the creator of the organization Red Cap Cards. Their sector will become well-known for children's books, design, cutting-edge artwork, and animation.

Arlo Mertz: Siblings & Family

Arlo Mertz is the only daughter of her parents, so she does not have any brothers or sisters.

According to the Instagram posts, Arlo shares a very affectionate relationship with her best friend, Isla Ward. The actress and her best friend seem to share a very close relationship.

The child actress seems to have an intense relationship with her best friend, Ward. She never fails to take Isla everywhere she goes. They even wear matching dresses and spend the summer together. Her best friend is as close to her as her sister.

Carrie (Arlo's mother) has shared numerous photographs of her daughter and Isla. Both of them seem to spend maximum time together and are like unbiological sisters to each other. 

The very close friend of the actress is the chosen family she has for herself. Any further information about the child actress's family is not disclosed on the social platform yet, so very little information is available about her personal life.

Arlo Mertz Net Worth 2022

The famous child actress Arlo Mertz is expected to have a net worth of approximately $50K–500K. 

She has clearly made a considerable amount of money through her job based on her lifestyle. The primary source of income for the actress is the entertainment industry.

The child actress has been earning a lump sum amount of money from her numerous films. Also, she makes a respectable sum of money via brand endorsements, advertisements, and promotions.

The child actress can be found on the Instagram profile under the username @arlomertz, with about 900 followers and 631 posts.