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Armando Bacot Family Life with Parents Christie Lomax and Armando Bacot Sr

College basketball player Armando Bacot with his father Bacot Sr. and step-mother Joya (second and third from right) and siblings in 2018.
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Armando Bacot was born to his parents Christie Lomax and Armando Sr. Bacot family has four brothers and sisters including two step siblings.

The UNC power forward is a leading scorer among his teammates and one of the brightest basketball stars in the near future.

Alongside his fame and high-earning capabilities, this young lad is notable for his love for his folks. He shares equal love and compassion with his parents, brothers, and sisters.

Moreover, this eminent Tar Heels center player openly shows high regard for his people on the court and on his social media posts.

Armando Bacot Comes From A Military Family

Armando Jr. hails from a military-focused clan in Richmond, Virginia.

While the other Bacots served in the U.S. military, this five-star high school recruit chose basketball as his main-go in life.

His paternal grandfather, Louis Bacot, had served in the U.S. Army and fought in the Vietnam War. Meanwhile, his maternal uncle, Johann Lomax, was also a part of the U.S. Army and another uncle, Danny Quarles, served in the U.S. Air Force.

With many work differences in the household, Bacot aces each of his games and is a potential top NBA-eligible recruit. He was inspired by both his father's and mother's sides to work hard.

Armando Jr. with Bacot Sr. and mother Christie Ann (right) at an Atlanta event in 2019.
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Meet Armando Bacot Parents

The B-ball turned Netflix's "Outer Banks" actor's birth parents are no longer together. They separated after having three children and have moved forward into their respective paths.

However, mama and papa Bacot come together when it comes to being present to support their babies. Thus, the former couple is still on good terms as parents. 

Father Armando Bacot Sr.

Bacot Sr. is present at each of his son's matches and cheers for all of his sons. He is also popular among his basketball-playing sons' fandom and on social media. Even so, he has limited the follower count on his Instagram handle.

Meanwhile, his Twitter mainly features pictures of him attending every special event regarding all his kids.

Armando Sr. is a father to five Bacot children, born from two different mothers.
Source : instagram

Likewise, the father of the big clan is married to Joya, the mother of his two youngsters. This couple celebrated their fifteenth anniversary on October 6 this year.

Mrs. Bacot also maintains a loving between all the Bacot offspring and spends precious time with them.

Mother Christie Ann Lomax

The Tar Heels was born to his realtor mother, Christie, as her eldest child and only son. She is also a dedicated associate broker working at Virginia Capital Real Estate. She is based in Richmond and is a faith lover.

Christie Ann Lomax is a Virgina-based realtor and mother of three Bacot children.
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This 43-year-old Momager celebrated her birthday on May 4 and had hoped to find a stepdad for her children this year. She is active on social media and shares her life events on Instagram and Facebook

Ms. Lomax often travels far regarding her son's career happenings and speaks in front of a crowd. Her enthusiasm as a mother and a working woman has won many hearts.

Mothers Christie and Joya Are Good Friends

The Bacots are a fantastic blend of love and understanding between two women and their kids.

As Bacot Sr. and his first baby mama, Christie, are no longer together, he is betrothed to Joya; these two women are friends and supportive of one another.

Armando Jr.'s mother Christie and step-mom, Joya are on good terms.
Source : instagram

A selfie on Joya's Instagram proves that though they share the same baby daddy, they are on good terms as well as their children.

Hence, all people involved in the military turned B-ball, and real estate families do not miss out on any particular day to spend time with each other.

Armando Has Four Younger Siblings

ACAA star player Armando Bacot Jr. is the eldest child of his dad and two moms. Being an elder brother, he works hard to set an example for his younger siblings time and again.

Meanwhile, his one brother and three sisters have observed and cheered for him during games.

Sister Amari Bacot

Amari is the eldest daughter and second child of Armando Sr. and Christie. She is better known by her nickname "Mari" among her friends and family circle.

She graduated from high school in 2017 and is pursuing her college degree. 

Armando Sr. and Joya with Amari during her high school graduation in 2017.
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Like her elder brother, the young Mari is close to her dad and stepmother. She often appears in family pictures though she operates a private Instagram.

Sister Azhane Bacot

Azhane shares athletic instincts with her Tar Heels power-forward brother. She is also the youngest child of Bacot Sr. and Lomax.

Standing at six feet, she plays basketball at Virginia State University.

She totaled forty-four rebounds for the 2021-022 season and is a 2023 graduate. 

Armando Jr. is mostly close to his youngest sister Azhane, a former athlete.
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Her LinkedIn confirms that AZ may not pursue professional basketball, and she has started her internship at ESPN under the sports analyst Mr. Jay Bilas.

She will work in the broadcasting department for the 2022-023 college basketball season.

Brother King Bacot

King is the eldest child of Bacot Sr. and Joya Bacot. He is currently in sixth grade at Manchester Middle School and plays basketball for Team Loaded AAU travel. 

A rising star in the field, he is sharpening his skills as a point guard, carrying the legacy of his elder brother.

Armando Jr. and his younger step-sibling King are the celebrity basketball players in their bloodline.
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Named after Lebron James' nickname, King stands at five-foot-nine-inch as the No. 1 player for his age.

His mom manages the sale of his athletic merchandise brand, King Court Collection. Likewise, this twelve-year-old idolizes his brother while maintaining a close bond with his sisters.

Sister Joi’L Milain Bacot

The youngest member of the Bacot clan, Joi’L Milain, was born in October 2018. She is also called little Joya, after her mother.

As the baby sister of the five Bacots, the four-year-old is loved by every sibling.

Little Joi’L Milain is the youngest Bacot sibling after King, being born in 2018.
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Her mother usually shares her pictures and videos on social media, making the netizens fall in love with her.

Joi’L has often accompanied both her mother and father to tend to her elder brothers' games and basketball events. This young one has many years to catch up to the high school notability that her siblings have gained. 

Five Star Recruit Armando Is Silent About His Girlfriend

Armando Bacot often bombards the news due to his impressive gameplay and career path.

However, he is discreet regarding his love life and the people involved. Despite being open about his family affair time and again, this NCU celebrity athlete has given no clue about his potential girlfriend or that he could be single at the moment.

As a 22-year-old potential NBA player, he is focused on the current playing season with his uni team to graduate for a better future.

Armando Bacot has given no clue about his dating life and only shows his focus on his career.
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Hence, Bacot Jr. is on his way toward a professional B-ball career instead of letting the world take his dating life.

Therefore, he and his significant other stay away from the wide limelight and public attention to engage in peaceful romantic moments. The Bacot family members have also maintained their quietness regarding the matter.

Armando Jr. is on his way to surpassing the Tar Heel career records of Tyler Hansbrough and Billy Cunningham's double points as this is his senior season.