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Asafa Powell Has Four Children With Wife Alyshia Miller Powell

100m world record holder, Asafa Powell with his son and daughter.
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Sprinter Asafa Powell has four children with wife Alyshia Powell. Powell kids are named Avani, Liam, Amieke and Azhaf Powell.

The world-class 100-meter champion is retired and devoted to his fatherly duties to his offspring. While his babies share different mothers, Powell is married to Alyshia Miller-Powell, with whom he has two kids.

His social media posts are wholly dedicated to his fatherhood and the memorable pictures of his beloved young lives.

While many claims have been made regarding this Jamaican sprinter's guardianship, he has held his head high each time.

Asafa Powell Children

Powell has garnered much notability due to his fatherly persona and stories about his children.

He has four kids, two from past relationships and two from his marriage. All the youngsters play a significant role in his life, and he is proud of his family.

While things have not been easy for him caring for his kids and dealing with their birth givers, Asafa has found a stronghold as a patriarch.

Asafa Powell and his three sons captured outside their home in November 2021.
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Avani Powell

The eldest child of the 100m Jamaican pride is Avani Powell. She is the only daughter of her father and has three younger brothers.

Avani was born to her mother, Amita Persaud-Webb, a former acquaintance of Asafa. The 10-year-old celebrates her birthday on October 21 each year, and her dad remembers to wish her a special day.

As the only princess of her sprinting Powell clan, she remains a loving figure among her three kid bruvs.

Asafa's parentage to daughter Avani has been quite a disputed matter in recent years.
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However, things did not turn out well in 2021 when the Olympics gold medalist was accused of being a "deadbeat dad." Amita had called out the father of four to the Kingston Family Court for not paying child support for her daughter.

Addressing the issue and public criticism, this world champion asked for proof of paternity of Avani.

While he forwarded his side of the story behind his refusal to pay $25,000 a month of child support for the little one, his bond with her has not changed. He noted that his baby mama is allegedly verbally abusive towards his family while staying at his mother's house.

Avani's mother, Amita is a single-mother host and an Instagram star.
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Despite many issues, the father-daughter duo continues to see each other and go out on ice cream dates. Moreover, Avani also makes time to play with her baby brothers, as seen on her dad's Instagram posts.

She has another baby sister, born to her single mother. Her birth mother is a media person, having interviewed notable figures like Popcaan, Spice, Beenie Man, and Tarrus Riley.

Little Aavani and her young sibling Aasmi have taken over Instagram with their glamorous pictures. Powell's baby girl also has her own Instagram, run by her caretakers.

Liam Powell

The eldest son, Liam, was born in 2013 and celebrates his special day on July 26 each year. While the news of his birth remained away from the public for a long time, Powell confirmed his son's existence three years later on 2016's Valentine's Day.

He had posted a picture of Liam and Avani holding hands on his Facebook, calling himself a proud dad.

Liam Powell is the eldest son and second child of Asafa's Jamaican family.
Source : instagram

The nine-year-old, too, sticks by his father's side most of the time. Meanwhile, the Commonwealth Games champion is okay without revealing his son's biological mother.

Liam is also a charming young man, enjoying the company of his elder sister and younger brothers. 

Amieke Powell

After his marriage to Alyshia, the couple gave birth to their eldest child, a son named Amieke Powell, on October 8, 2019.

As the first child, Mrs. Powell was excited to let the world know about the arrival of her son, calling him "My baby boy" and 

"My sugar dumpling."

Asafa's third child and second son, Amieke Powell is his first child from his marriage to Alyshia.
Source : instagram

The young lad is growing healthily and happily in Jamaica alongside his siblings. As a three-year-old, he eagerly looks forward to his kindergarten days.

His playing video with his sister in one of their father's Instagram posts in 2020 had gone well with the family's fans and well-wishers. Likewise, his social media accounts, mainly his YouTube channel, are run by his parents.

The channel showcases his upbringing as a toddler since his birth, captured by his loved ones.

Azhaf Powell

Azhaf is the youngest member of the Powell family born on September 15, 2021.

Also called Zhaf Zhaf, the one-year-old is surrounded by his parents and siblings' unconditional love.

The youngest child of the Powell family, Azhaf, is also called Zhaf Zhaf by everyone.
Source : instagram

The little one debuted on his dad's social media in January 2022. A January 5 Instagram picture of Asafa holding him was well-received by the netizens.

Before his birth, Alyshia had proudly flaunted her baby bump on the internet and at social events. He continues to make appearances on his mom and dad's respective social media and has already won many hearts due to his cuteness.

Asafa Powell Wife

Powell and his wife Alyshia make up a power couple in Jamaica.

As one hails from the biz industry while another is a dominant figure in sports, they are some of the sought-after married pairs in the country.

Together, the two run a YouTube channel and several businesses, podcasts, and foundations. Their channel is close to reaching a benchmark of 100k subscribers as they post various content, including talk shows with fellow celebs, vlogs, and recipes, among others.

Asafa and Alyshia got married on February 16, 2019, making them married more than three years as of 2022.
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Who Is Alyshia Miller Powell?

Alyshia Miller is a professional model and fashionista having worked with international brands.

Best known as Mrs. Powell, Miller is a woman of her caliber. 

Moreover, she is currently signed to Elite Model Management in New York City and travels around the U.S. and Jamaica for her work. 

Born on June 24, this mother of two has left behind many notable faces when posing on the ramp. She was born to a Canadian father and a Ghanaian mother in Accra, Ghana, and has Danish roots.

She grew up in Canada being sports-centric and used to run 400 meters races and relays. She later switched to modeling as a fashion enthusiast and has a strong career game, contrary to being a mother and living away from the States.

Alyshia Miller-Powell is a Canadian-Ghanian model and a mother of two.
Source : instagram

While she was in the field for much more years, she gained wide acclaim in 2012 as a model for The Hive and LA Models, traveling around the U.S. and Europe.

This beauty met her soulmate in Toronto the same year while accompanying a friend to a sports event. They remained close for many years before their wedding on February 16, 2019, in Montego Bay, St James.

After the marriage, this model moved to Jamaica with her husband and kids and later started their own family.

She is a responsible caretaker of Avani and Liam and, at one point, helped Powell pay for child support for his daughter.

In late November 2022, her husband announced his retirement from Track n' Field. The two have confirmed that they will continue to work together in their other ventures.

Asafa Powell Family Life

Asafa was born to both minister mother and father as the youngest of six sons. His eldest brother Donovan was a 60-meter finalist at the 1999 World Indoor Championships.

Moreover, the whole clan is athletic and often engages in athletic moments once in a while at get-togethers.

Apart from their love for sports, the Powells are deeply religious, as mother Cislyn and father William were strict about their children's upbringing.

The Powell family including Asafa's father (seated on left) and his two brothers out of five.
Source : instagram

However, the former sprinter lost one of his brothers, Michael, to a shootout in a taxi in New York in 2002. Another tragedy hit in 20003 when he lost another kin during the Jamaica National Championships week.

The Jamaican clan again had to go through the loss of another brother Vaughn due to a heart attack while playing football.

Coming through all these shortcomings of losing two brothers quickly, Asafa and his folks have grown stronger over the years. Hence, they are wary of the importance of being a close-knit brood to each other.

Asafa and his mother Cislyn Powell a day after the 2016 Christmas Day.
Source : instagram

With the addition of his beloved partner Alyshia and his four children throughout the years, this 40-year-old has grown more robust than ever.

Each social media post is directed toward his loved ones while also giving them privacy and respect.

Alyshia also understands his background and hardships, including the tussles with his baby mama. Even so, they have stuck together, leaving behind legal problems.

The Powell couple with their eldest son Amieke, snapped by paparazzi in May 2020.
Source : instagram

Thus, Powell's family life is filled with love, care, and relationships, including countless international trips and his status as a grand celebrity in his homeland.

His journey of a profound national-level athlete to a responsible father has been well-documented on his social handles as well as in the media.