20 Asian Hairstyles Men Should Definitely Try

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Asian hairstyles men have gained immense popularity in recent years. With their unique blend of traditional and modern styles, these hairstyles have become a go-to choice for men all around the world.

From the classic undercut to the trendy textured crop, Asian hairstyles offer a wide range of options to suit different hair types and personal preferences.

In this article, we will explore some of the most popular Asian hairstyles for men, providing inspiration and tips on how to achieve these stylish looks.

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1. Middle Part

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The Middle Part hairstyle is a popular choice among Asian men's haircuts which is characterized by a clean and symmetrical look. It features a precise center part that evenly divides the hair, creating two balanced sections on each side.

Start with damp hair, use a fine-toothed comb for a precise part, and then blow-dry straight to get this look. Styling may involve adding products for hold and shine. Maintenance is relatively simple, requiring occasional trims to preserve the desired length and shape, ensuring that it maintains its polished appearance in the world of Asian men's hairstyles.

2. Slick Side Part

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The Slick Side Part is a classic men's hairstyle, particularly popular among Asian men. It's characterized by a clean, defined side part that creates a polished and refined look.

To achieve this men hairstyle Asian, start with damp hair and use a comb to create a sharp side part. Apply a quality hair product, like pomade or wax, for a sleek finish. Maintenance includes regular trims to keep the length in check and ensure the side part remains sharp for that timeless appearance.

3. Asian Buzz Cut

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The Asian Buzz Cut is a minimalist and low-maintenance hairstyle for men with Asian hair. It features very short, uniformly buzzed hair, giving a clean and neat appearance. Achieving this Asian hair men style is simple: use clippers with the desired guard length or go completely bald.

Styling isn't necessary, as the cut is naturally sleek. Maintenance primarily involves regular upkeep to keep the hair at the desired short length, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer a fuss-free and effortlessly cool look.

4. Spiky Asian Hairstyles

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Spiky Asian hairstyles for men are known for their edgy and youthful appearance. To get this look, start with short to medium-length hair. Apply a strong hold styling product and use your fingers to create spikes by gently twisting and lifting sections of hair.

The result is a dynamic and textured hairstyle that exudes a sense of energy. Styling typically involves the use of hair gel or pomade to maintain the spikes throughout the day. Maintenance is relatively simple, requiring regular trims to keep the hair at the desired length and shape for a sharp and trendy appearance.

5. Asian Man Bun

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The Asian Man Bun is a distinctive hairstyle that features long, sleek hair pulled back and secured into a bun at the back of the head. Achieving this classic among Asian hairstyles for men involves growing your hair to a suitable length and then using a hair tie or band to create the bun.

Styling can include adding texture or shine for a polished look. Maintenance requires regular hair care to keep it clean and manageable, maintaining its elegant appearance.

6. Samurai Bun

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The Samurai Bun is an iconic choice among Asian men's hairstyles, known for its distinctive appearance. This style features long hair gathered at the crown of the head, creating a top knot or bun.

This look involves growing your hair to a sufficient length and then using hair ties or bands to secure it into the bun at the crown. Styling can include adding a bit of texture or shine to hair products. Maintenance mainly consists of keeping the bun secure and well-groomed, making it a bold and culturally significant hairstyle.

7. Asian Curly Hair

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Asian Curly Hair for Asian Men is a unique and stylish choice, known for its distinctive appearance. This hairstyle embraces the natural texture of Asian hair, showcasing its versatility and individuality. This look involves naturally curly or permed hair. The curls add volume and texture to Asian men's hairstyles, creating a bold and eye-catching look. 

Styling may include using curl-enhancing products to define and maintain the curls' shape. Maintenance typically involves regular trims to control the length and occasional deep conditioning to keep the curls healthy and frizz-free.

8. Asian Taper Fade

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The Asian Taper Fade stands as a trendy and adaptable option within the realm of men's Asian hairstyles. It showcases a subtle shift from shorter sides and back to an extended top. Creating this look entails meticulous clipping, gradually diminishing the length as you ascend.

Styling possibilities abound, offering a choice between a refined, suave presentation or a relaxed, textured appearance, thanks to hair products like pomade or clay. Keeping the fade in tip-top shape demands regular upkeep, cementing its status as a favored choice for Asian gentlemen seeking a contemporary and impeccably groomed hairstyle.

9. Mullet

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The Mullet for Asian men is a bold and distinctive hairstyle known for its unique appearance featuring shorter hair on the top and sides, with longer hair at the back. Getting this look starts with trimming the sides and top while allowing the hair at the back to grow longer.

Styling involves shaping the mullet to your preference, often using hair products for hold and texture. Maintenance includes regular trims to keep the shape and length in check, ensuring the mullet remains stylish and well-groomed for an edgy and confident appearance.

10. Asian Top Knot

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The Asian Top Knot is a stylish and distinctive hairstyle characterized by a sleek, gathered bun on the crown of the head. Achieving this look involves brushing the hair upwards and securing it in a tight bun with an elastic band or hairpin.

To style this suave look, try creating a neat, polished appearance or a slightly tousled, relaxed vibe. Maintenance primarily entails securing the bun as needed throughout the day and occasional adjustments to maintain the desired shape.

11. Angular Fringe

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Angular Fringe is a contemporary men's hairstyle defined by longer hair on top that slopes down toward the forehead. This style suits Asian men because it complements their facial features and adds a trendy, edgy element to their look, making it a popular choice in the Asian men's haircut repertoire.

To sport this look, start with damp hair, create a diagonal part using a comb, and blow-dry the hair forward at the desired angle. Styling involves applying a matte or low-shine product for texture and hold. Maintenance is straightforward with regular trims to preserve the shape.

12. Brush Up Hairstyle For Asian Men

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The Brush Up Hairstyle for men is a stylish and versatile choice, featuring hair swept upwards and away from the forehead. This hairstyle is particularly suitable for Asian men because it enhances the natural hair texture and adds a contemporary flair to their appearance, making it a popular and trendy choice.

Flaunt this look with slightly longer hair on top and shorter sides. Use a hair dryer and styling product to brush the hair upwards for volume and texture. Regular trims are essential for maintenance, as they keep the style sharp. 

13. Caesar Hairstyle

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The Caesar hairstyle for Asian men is a classic and timeless look characterized by short, evenly trimmed hair all over. This style uses clippers with a short guard to maintain a uniform length. Styling is minimal, typically requiring little to no product.

Maintenance involves regular trips to the barber to keep the hair short and neat. This low-maintenance yet stylish haircut provides a clean and sharp appearance, making it a practical choice for Asian men who prefer a classic look that stands the test of time.

14. Edgy Undercut

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The Edgy Undercut for Asian men is a bold and modern hairstyle characterized by shaved or closely cropped sides and back, creating a strong contrast with longer hair on top. This look requires a high or mid-level undercut, leaving the top longer to sport. 

Styling involves using a strong-hold hair product to create texture and height on the top section. Maintenance is relatively low, requiring regular visits to the barber for side and back touch-ups. This haircut adds an edgy and fashionable flair to the appearance of Asian men, making it a trendy choice.

15. Hard Side Part

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The hard side part hairstyle for Asian men is a clean and sharp hairstyle with precise side parting. To get it, start with damp hair, use a comb to create a sharp part, and apply a strong-hold pomade or gel for a sleek finish.

Comb the hair on one side while keeping the other side firmly parted, the sides can be faded to create fade Asian haircut. This style requires regular upkeep to maintain its sharp appearance, with periodic trims to prevent the hair from becoming too long. It's a classic and refined choice, adding a polished touch to an Asian man's overall look.

16. Asian Bowl Cut

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The Asian Bowl Cut is characterized by a straight fringe that frames the face and evenly cut sides and back. To create it, start with wet hair, make a horizontal part above the ears, and cut the hair evenly all around.

Styling is simple, typically involving combing the fringe forward and using a light styling product to keep it in place. Regular trims are necessary to keep the rounded shape. This haircut offers a neat and youthful look, making it a popular choice among Asian men seeking an easy yet stylish style.

17. Bro Flow Hairstyle For Asian Men

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The Bro Flow hairstyle for Asian men features longer hair with a natural, relaxed look. To get this style, allow your hair to grow to a medium to long length and part it in the middle. This Asian men's haircut exudes a relaxed charm, perfect for those who prefer an easygoing yet stylish appearance.

Styling is effortless, as it embraces a laid-back appearance. Simply use a lightweight, texturizing product to add some control and enhance the natural flow of your hair. Regular trims are necessary to prevent excessive splitting and maintain a healthy look.

18. Slicked Back Hairstyle

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The Asian men's Slicked Back Hairstyle is a classic and polished look featuring sleek, smooth hair combed away from the face. Get this style in a jiffy, start with damp hair, apply a strong-hold pomade, and comb the hair straight back, ensuring a clean and neat appearance.

Styling requires precision to create a smooth, flat finish. Maintenance involves regular trims to keep the hair at the desired length. This timeless hairstyle exudes a timeless charm and sophistication, making it a versatile choice for various occasions and face shapes.

19. Tousled Top For Asian Men

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Tousled Top for Asian men is characterized by a messy, textured look on the upper part of the hair. This style requires blow-drying slightly damp hair while scrunching it with your fingers for a natural, messy texture. This hairstyle adds a carefree and effortlessly cool appearance to Asian men, making it a popular choice for those seeking a relaxed yet stylish look.

Styling is all about creating controlled chaos, so avoid using too much product. Regular trims are necessary to keep the tousled effect looking fresh, but overall maintenance is low.

20. Bald Head With Chin Beard

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Bald Head With Chin Beard is a sleek and clean-cut style for Asian men that involves shaving the head completely bald, creating a smooth and shiny appearance. Pair it with a neatly groomed chin beard for added contrast and style.

Achieving this look is as simple as regular head shaving and maintaining the chin beard with careful trimming. It offers a bold and modern appearance that emphasizes facial features. This low-maintenance style exudes confidence and is ideal for those who prefer a fuss-free yet striking look.