Tiktoker B Dylan Hollis's Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe Has Gone Viral

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The TikTok star has 8 million fans for his monologue-driven culinary material, primarily historical recipes with unusual ingredients. He also has a YouTube channel with 600,000 subscribers and an active Instagram account with over 230,000 followers. He's a jazz pianist as well.

He has inspired many people on TikTok through his amazing content. TikTok has opened a door for many talented people, and one of them is B. Dylan Hollis.

Who Is B Dylan Hollis On Tiktok? Recipe for Viral Peanut Butter Cookies

B. Dylan Hollis is a well-known tiktoker whose Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe has gone viral. He was born in Bermuda and raised in Laramie, Wyoming.

He uploaded an Instagram image of his grandmother in January 2020. He is the eldest of two brothers. 

His cousin is Faith Kristin, a fellow Bermudian TikTok celebrity. He went to the University of Wyoming to study music.

Dylan Hollis celebrating his 26th Birthday in 2021
Dylan Hollis celebrating his 26th Birthday in 2021

In September of 2018, Dylan joined Instagram. "Chocolate Potato Cake," one of his most popular TikToks, has received over 24.7 million views. On March 11, 2021, it was published. His signature cry is "EGGY!" "Dylan Hollis-Water Pie," his most popular YouTube video, has over 3 million views.

In his TikTok videos, he mentions Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and John Denver. He is gaining a lot of popularity and is extremely cute and smart. He is 5 feet 8 inches tall and has the best physical appearance.

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What Age Is B Dylan Hollis?

B. Dylan Hollis was born on September 7, 1995. He is currently 26 years old. Besides, he was born and raised by his parents with much love and care.

Hollis has gone from being a well-known face on TikTok to being well-known across many social media platforms. His exploration of America's strange and perplexing recipes has led him to noxious-sounding combinations like tuna salad Jell-O, a water pie from 1929, and potato doughnuts. 

He also admitted that since starting his video series, he has undoubtedly improved as a baker.

If you've never seen one of Hollis' films before, you'll be surprised at how much information he loads into each one, condensing each meal's preparation, cooking, and tasting into a minute or two. But it isn't simply the editing that is taxing.

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B Dylan Hollis Can Be Found On Instagram

B. Dylan Hollis has 435k followers on his official Instagram account. He can often post many pictures on his account, and people love his looks and personality.

Hollis's obsession with strange American food history stems from the fact that he is not an American. He was born and raised in Bermuda and stated that he intended to attend college opposite Bermuda. As a result, he chose Wyoming.

Hollis came to the United States to pursue a career in music. He performs as a jazz musician. His TikTok videos also show him dabbling with music content in the past.

Dylan Hollis with his friends and family
Dylan Hollis with his friends and family

During the epidemic, he began tinkering with TikTok, and one day, he got out an old cookbook he had lying around and chose the strangest thing to bake (it was the pork cake). However, his outsider interest in culinary traditions that many Americans take for granted drives the effort.

Hollis said he's not sure what's next for him, but he'll return to Bermuda shortly after graduating. He made it clear, though, that he had no intention of joining a hype house. You can follow him at @bdylanhollis to find out more about him.