Try To Avoid These 21 Bad Haircuts of All Time

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Bad haircuts have been there for a while now. Whether it's a disastrous DIY attempt or a stylist's unfortunate slip of the scissors, we've all experienced the horror of looking in the mirror and realizing that our hair has taken on a life of its own.

From mullets that would make even the most devoted '80s rocker cringe to bowl cuts that leave us questioning our life choices, bad haircuts have plagued humanity throughout the ages.

Join us as we take a trip down memory lane and explore some of the most unforgettable and cringe-worthy bad haircuts of all time.

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1. Liberty Spikes

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Liberty Spikes is considered a bad haircut for men due to its extreme appearance and unconventional styling. The haircut involves spiking the hair vertically, creating tall, sharp spikes all over the head.

This hairstyle can be perceived as intimidating, rebellious, or even unprofessional, making it unsuitable for many formal or conservative environments. Additionally, the styling process can be time-consuming and require the use of excessive hair products, making it high maintenance and impractical for everyday wear.

2. Two Braids

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Two Braids is a bad haircut for men due to its appearance and styling. The hairstyle involves dividing the hair into two braids, which can give a juvenile and unprofessional look. It is often associated with cultural appropriation and can be seen as disrespectful or insensitive.

Additionally, the style requires longer hair, making it impractical for those with short hair. Overall, Two Braids does not align with the conventional standards of a mature and stylish haircut for men.

3. Reverse Mohawk

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The Reverse Mohawk is exactly as it sounds, the middle part is shaved while keeping the sides exactly opposite to the regular mohawk where the middle is standing while the sides are shaved. The hairstyle is a bad choice for men entirely due to its funny and unconventional appearance.

The hairstyle is not suitable for casual days and is a big no-no for formal settings making it unfit for all places. This hairstyle is only good for making the wearer a laughing stock for friends, colleagues, and even strangers.

4. Emo Hair

Source : menshairstyletips

Emo Hair days are long gone and if you are still thinking of getting this once popular haircut, then you will just be a laughing material and not as cool as once used to be. The hairstyle is characterized by a long angular fringe at the front with over-grown sides and back.

While they were famous once, the hairstyle is out of touch as of the present. It is not considered to be one of the bad hairstyles for men to get due to its retro looks and appearance. Furthermore, the hairstyle is also hard to manage and with one eyes covered, not so practical for day-to-day activities.

5. Rat Tail

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The Rat Tail hairstyle is considered a bad haircut for several reasons. Firstly, it is outdated and associated with the 1980s, making it appear out of touch with current trends.

Secondly, the style involves growing a long, thin strand of hair at the back of the head, resembling a rat's tail, which can be perceived as unhygienic and unappealing. Lastly, the Rat Tail lacks versatility and can be challenging to style, limiting options for different occasions or hair trends.

6. Skullet

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The Skullet is a combination of a mullet and a shaved head, and is generally considered a bad hairstyle for men. It is an outdated trend from the 1980s that does not align with modern fashion aesthetics.

Moreover, it can be perceived as unprofessional and unkept, potentially affecting one's appearance in a professional setting. Lastly, it may not suit everyone's facial features or hair type, resulting in an unflattering look. Overall, the Skullet is not a popular or recommended hairstyle choice for men.

7. Short Bowl Cut

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Face it, the short bowl cut does not have the same charm as its longer siblings. The hairstyle features a very short bowl cut that does not cover much of the forehead, sides, and back making it look not so attractive for men.

The hairstyle is characterized by a haircut resembling an inverted bowl as shown in the picture above. Its lack of covering the face and sides gives it a rather unpleasing look making it unsuitable for men trying to achieve a great hairstyle.

8. The Micky Mouse Look

Source : co

The Micky Mouse Look is a bizarre and hilarious haircut that easily ranks among the worst haircuts for men. The haircut is characterized by two pomp-pomp-shaped balls made by gathering hair to two sides of the head, resembling the big ears of Mickey Mouse.

This unpractical hairstyle is not suitable for anyone. While it may mimic the appearance of our beloved Disney character, the hairstyle is not practical for everyday use as it is hard to maintain. Furthermore, be prepared to get stares and laugh if you are thinking of sporting this look.

9. The Ronaldo Cut

Source : sportingnews

The Ronaldo Cut sported by the Brazilian footballer during the 2002 World Cup is a big no-no after two decades in 2023. The hairstyle features a shaved head with a small patch of hair left just above the forehead making it one of the ugliest haircuts for men.

Unlike other retro hairstyles, the Ronaldo cut was not famous at the time as well and the same applies to the modern day. The hairstyle was sported by the footballer as a distraction from his injuries at the time and was never meant to be a pretty one.

10. The Lizard-Hawk

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The Lizard-Hawk is a bad hairstyle for men for several reasons. Firstly, it combines two contrasting styles, the Mohawk and the mullet, resulting in an unappealing and confusing look. Additionally, the excessive amount of gel or hairspray required to achieve the lizard-like spikes can make it appear unnatural and overdone.

Furthermore, this hairstyle can be difficult to maintain and style on a daily basis, requiring significant time and effort. Overall, the Lizard-Hawk lacks sophistication and can be seen as a fashion faux pas, making it an unattractive choice for men.

11. A Few Braids

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Braided hairstyles are great and if you add beads to the braiding, the hairstyle becomes many times attractive but there is a small problem with that hairstyle. The braids need to be full and all over the head, or else the hairstyle thought to be beautiful will turn into terrible haircuts in no time.

The image above shows a hilarious hairstyle where the wearer combined a short buzz-cut with braiding on the long hair left just above the forehead yielding a very funny result.

12. Skittles Hair

Source : menshaircuts

Skittles Hair, characterized by an array of vibrant and contrasting colors resembling the popular candy, is considered one of the worst hairstyles for men. This flamboyant style lacks versatility and often appears unprofessional and immature. It can undermine one's credibility and hinder social and career opportunities.

Skittles Hair requires frequent maintenance to preserve its vibrancy, making it time-consuming and costly. Additionally, this bold hairstyle may not suit everyone's complexion or personal style, making it a risky choice that can quickly become outdated and regrettable.

13. The Costanza Style

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The Costanza Style is characterized by the shaved top while keeping the sides and back hair, while it may work for people with an extremely receding hairline, the haircut is not fashionable and is considered to be among the ugly hair styles for men.

Moreover, intentionally shaving the top and keeping the sides might be perceived as an offensive gesture by people with bald tops. Furthermore, the hairstyle also does not have any charm or attractiveness as of the current trends in 2023 making it outdated and terrible.

14. The Supreme Leader Cut

Source : vox

The Supreme Leader Cut, popularized by North Korea's Kim Jong-un, is a bad hairstyle choice for men due to several reasons. Firstly, its extremely high fade and long top create an unbalanced and disproportionate look. Secondly, the severe and rigid style lacks versatility and adaptability to different occasions.

Additionally, the cut is associated with a controversial and authoritarian figure, making it politically charged and potentially off-putting. Lastly, it requires constant maintenance and styling to maintain its shape, which can be time-consuming and impractical for many individuals.

15. Wonky Fade

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Wonky Fade is characterized by shaving off the sides and back of the head while keeping a small patch at the back and leaving the top ungroomed. The hairstyle is both utterly hilarious and out of touch with the reality.

As seen in the picture, the hairstyle has a patch of hair uncut at the back that resembles a soul patch. While some might consider the haircut to be from the future but in reality is a terrible style to take on and will make one of the worst haircut of your life.

16. The Curtains

Source : twitter

The Curtain hairstyle is considered a bad idea for men because it is outdated and associated with the 90s era. This hairstyle features a middle parting with long hair that falls on either side of the face, creating a curtain-like effect.

It often looks messy and unkempt, giving an unprofessional and immature appearance. Additionally, this style may not suit everyone's face shape and hair texture, leading to an unflattering and unbalanced look.

17. Modern Mullet

Source : allthingshair

The modern mullet is widely considered one of the worst hairstyles for men. It features short hair on the sides and long hair at the back, resulting in an unflattering and outdated look.

This hairstyle lacks style, sophistication, and versatility. It often appears unkempt and messy, giving the impression of a lack of grooming. The modern mullet fails to complement most face shapes and can make individuals appear older and less attractive. Overall, it is a hairstyle that is best avoided.

18. The Over Oiled Hairstyle

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The Over-Oiled Hairstyle is generally considered a bad choice for men because it gives off an unnatural and greasy appearance. Excessive use of hair oil can make the hair look heavy, flat, and lack volume.

Moreover, it can lead to an unappealing shiny, and slick appearance, making the individual appear overly groomed or even dirty. This hairstyle also requires frequent washing to avoid buildup, which can be time-consuming and damaging to the hair. Overall, it is not a popular choice due to its unnatural and high-maintenance look.

19. The Tennis Ball

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The Tennis Ball hairstyle is a simple yet bad haircuts for men. The hairstyle is characterized by a short buzz-cut with neon green color dye, to add contrast, people get the iconic tennis ball lines with white hair color making the style more recognizable.

The style can also be customized by incorporating a logo into the haircut. The funny thing about the hairstyle is it works really well with the round hair and shows dedication towards the came.

20. Literal Comb Over

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In the realm of worst haircuts, Comb Over is a pretty good haircut idea for men but when it comes to literally getting the haircut, it turns out to be one of the most terrible haircuts and an unarguably bad idea. The haircut features a comb made out of hair in the front with a spiked-up crown section.

As seen in the image above, the hairstyle is utterly funny and features long hair running down the temple towards the jawline. To achieve this haircut, ask your barber to get a big-toothed comb design in the front and spike the hair up in the crown, you might want to use haircare products like gel or wax to lock everything in place.

21. The Strawberry Cut

Source : reddit

Strawberry is a popular fruit people love getting as a haircut. The strawberry haircut has a few distinguishing styling tricks, the first and the most obvious one is coloring the hair red. However, it a bad haircuts men can ever get in their lifetime.

The style also incorporates a beard into the style making it even funnier, it is achieved by dying the hair red with black spots and trimming it down to form a strawberry-like shape i.e. keeping the top a bit longer and cropping the sides shorter.