Bailey Banfield Persevering Parents Growing Up In A Farm

Robert and Debbie are the owners of Willie Creek Pearls.
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Bailey Banfield parents Robert Banfield and Debbie Banfield live in Australia. Bailey has a family business named Willie Creek Pearls.

The Banfield family's history is one of determination and resilience. Starting with the grandparents, Valda and Don, leaving Perth in 1964 to embark on a new adventure in the shire of Wickepin, a small community near Narrogin in the Western Australian Wheatbelt.

Despite having no farming experience, they took on the challenge with a strong sense of family and commitment. Over the next decade, they grew their family with four children, including the founder of the current pearling business.

Through the years, the family's strength and perseverance have been a constant driving force behind their success. The establishment of Willie Creek Pearls in Broome is a testament to their hard work and dedication.

Bailey Banfield Father And Mother

Bailey Banfield father Robert and mother Debbie Banfield are successful pearls businessmen. 

The Banfield family's connection to the pearling industry in Broome is rooted in their ancestry. They moved to the seaside town and procured the Willie Creek Pearl Farm, turning it into a successful business encompassing the travel industry, retail, and pearl collecting.

Bailey with Robert and Debbie in the Peel Thunder owner Program on October 2019.
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The family's patriarch, Robert, is in his mid-fifties. He is tall, standing at five feet nine inches, and weighs seventy kilograms. He has a strong presence, short hair, an oval face, and a distinguished character.

Debbie is also tall, standing at five feet six inches, and weighs 65 kg. 

Debbie is of Asian descent, while her husband, Robert, hails from a humble community in Western Australia. Together, they have another child named Mackenzie.

Bailey and Robert with their son in Award Ceremony on October 2017.
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Bailey had a difficult time during the 2016 AFL Draft but eventually found success playing in the Western Australian Football League for the Claremont Football Club.

In addition to their successful business, the Banfield's have also made generous contributions to their community, such as donating pearl jewelry worth $15,950 to a local football club.

Banfield Family Pearl Business Is Huge

From the beginning, the Banfield family business has been quite successful. Their Ancestors are the source of the Pearl business's history.

The discovery of a pearl at Willie Creek Pearl Farm has amazing staff and guests. The pearl harvested in front of tour attendees is a 20.12 mm round pearl with exceptional luster, and pink gem tones are hidden within a Pinctada maxima oyster.

Weighing an impressive 11.847g, this pearl is considered the most valuable single pearl ever harvested at the farm, with a value estimated at at least AUD 150,000.

Bailey posted a photo of Willie Creek Pearl Farm with caption Unreal sights back home last week  cheers for the snaps
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This is a significant increase from the previous record set in 2019 when a pearl was harvested valued at $75,000.

Robert, the owner of Willie Creek Pearls, shared his excitement and emotions over the discovery, stating that it is a privilege to produce something considered among the best in the world. This pearl is truly one of a kind and has never been seen before.

Bailey's Experience In The Farm

A visit to Willie Creek Pearls, a family-owned pearl farm, can be an exhilarating and unforgettable experience. The rough road leading to the farm and the tidal flats add to the excitement of the journey.

The farm has a strong family culture reflected in its operations which is considered one of its major strengths. The farm owner states that the close bond between family members is emphasized by the phrase, "no one tells the truth like family."

This bond is now more critical than ever as the farm is facing its most significant challenge yet, the temporary closure of all seven showrooms due to the ongoing pandemic. However, the online store remains open 24/7, allowing customers to find their perfect pearl.

Willie Creek Pearls have a history of supporting the Broome and Perth communities. Now more than ever, it is essential for the community to come together to ensure the survival of the business and the jobs it provides.

Bailey Banfield Girlfriend

Bailey Banfield girlfriend Julia Edwards is a prominent Australian model, content creator, and beauty pageant champion. Julia is particularly famous for her modeling work based in Perth.

Bailey and Julia shares a wonderful relationship, the couple enjoying their time in Margaret River, Western Australia
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Julia has a background in recruitment, both in construction and allied health, but her true passion lies in becoming a Clinical Psychologist. Edwards is working as a Disability Support Worker in Perth, Western Australia, starting in March 2022. 

Before this, she was a Talent Acquisition Partner for Early Start Australia. She was contracted to recruit Health Professionals internally for the company, including roles such as Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists, Practice Principals, Therapy Assistants, and Psychologists.

Julia and Bailey in Crown Grand Ballrooms on October 23, 2020.
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Before that, she worked as a Senior Recruitment Consultant for Spencer Ogden for two months and a Recruitment Consultant for one year and eight months. She focused on recruiting project control professionals across the Construction and Resources sector within Australia, on a contract basis, including roles such as Estimators, Project Planners, Document Controllers, and Contract Administrators.

Julia holds a degree in Psychology from The University of Western Australia, which she completed between March 2016 and November 2019.