Alaskan Bush People's Bam Brown Was In A Fatal Car Accident, Here Is An Update On How He Is Doing

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Alaskan Bush People's cast Joshua 'Bam' Brown met a tragic car accident on Friday, May 20, and was hospitalized after the incident. Explore sad details behind the accident and the casualties.

Joshua Bam Brown is one of the elite cast in the Discovery series Alaskan Bush People. Bam Brown has been hospitalized and is being treated for his minor injuries inflicted after the brutal car crash.

As per initial reports from the Washington state troop and police department, Bam Brown was driving with caution when a vehicle swerved and turned to the opposite lane. Bam Brown instantly shifted his car and fell into a ditch to prevent a possible head-on collision that would have been indeed lethal. As for the vehicle, it got into heavy opposite traffic and met an accident.

The driver of the Chevrolet Camaro was immediately rescued and airlifted to the nearby hospital, but the 24 years old passenger woman seated behind the vehicle couldn't survive the crash. The police reports suggest that Joshua Bam Brown isn't responsible, in any way, for the tragic accident and that Bam was safely driving his GMC on SR 97 freeway, northbound.

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Bam Brown's Car Accident Update

Joshua Bam Brown, featured in Alaskan Bush People, met a tragic car accident on Friday, May 20, along the SR 97 freeway road. Joshua was driving his GMC and heading north when a vehicle from the opposite lane quickly swerved and entered Joshua's lane. To be safe from a brutal head-on collision, Bam Brown turned his car quickly, and the vehicle fell into the ditch at the side of the road due to that fast swerving.

Alaskan Bush People's Bam Brown ]Fell Into A A Fatal Car Accident.
Alaskan Bush People's Bam Brown ]Fell Into A A Fatal Car Accident.

The vehicle that collided was a black Chevrolet Camaro, driven by Gabriella Garcia Harrison, and had a 24 years old lady passenger in the back seat. Sadly, the lady passenger(name not disclosed) couldn't survive the crash, and driver Gabriella was airlifted from the crash site. After losing their vehicle control, their Camaro entered a heavily busy center lane of the opposite traffic.

Bam Brown was also rushed to a nearby hospital and treated for minor injuries. He was released shortly after his treatment and allowed a proper rest.

We express our sympathy to the departed soul's family and wish for a speedy recovery of both the drivers involved in the crash.

What Happened To The Alaskan Bush People Cast Bam Brown? 

Alaskan Bush People's cast Joshua Bam Brown met a fatal car accident on Friday at SR 97 road lane, resulting in one casualty. Bam's GMC and a Chevrolet Camaro traversing the opposite route met a tragic accident after the latter vehicle lost its control and entered Joshua's lane(northbound).

Both drivers got rushed to the hospital and treated for their injuries. At the same time, the passenger lady in the Camaro lost her life in the crash.

Bam Brown's Wife And Family Details Explored

Bam Brown has been dating Allison Kagan for some years now. The two met on the set of Discovery assigned series Alaskan Bush People, where Alisson served as the field producer. 

The supervising field producer and the show star developed a strong bond while on the series and have been inseparable.