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Metal Bands With Female Lead Singers

Seven Spires band with female lead singer
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Metal bands with female lead singers are 1. Ad Infinitum 2. Diabulus in Musica 3. Beseech, and so on. Melissa Bonny leads vocals for Ad Infinitum.

Metal music emerged during the late 1960s and early 1970s as a subgenre of rock music. It has evolved into a varied genre with a wide range of subgenres and styles.

The genre has spawned various subgenres over time, each possessing its own unique characteristics. These subgenres are heavy, thrash, death, black, power, progressive, nu-metal, symphonic, and doom.

Metal music is renowned for its aggressive and high-energy sound, and female vocalists are no exception. These women contribute their distinct energy and strength to the genre and establish their presence in the metal community.

Metal Bands With Female Lead Singers

Band NameLead Vocalist
Ad InfinitumMelissa Bonny
Diabulus in MusicaZuberoa Aznárez
BeseechAngelina Sahlgren Söder
Lacuna Coil CristinaScabbia
MagicaAna Mladinovici
Seven SpiresAdrienne Cowan
The Sins of Thy BelovedAnita Auglend
The GatheringSilje Wergeland
The Dark ElementAnette Olzon
Echoes of EternityFrancine Boucher

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1. Ad Infinitum

Melissa gained fame for her vocal performance and her ability to sing diverse metal genres
Source : facebook

One of the metal bands with female screamers is Ad Infinitum. It is a Swiss/German symphonic metal band that is known for its powerful female vocalist.

Throughout its career, the band released albums named Chapter I: Monarchy (2020), Chapter II: Legacy (2021), and Chapter III: Downfall (2023). Some of the standout tracks released by the group were Unstoppable, Marching on Versailles, and See You in Hell.

The band's vocalist, Melissa Bonny, joined Ad Infinitum in 2018. Bonny played an integral role in the band, where she delivered powerful vocals and contributed to their distinctive sound.

The other members of the band are:

  • Adrian Theßenvitz - Guitar
  • Niklas Müller - Drums
  • Korbinian Benedict - Bass

2. Diabulus in Musica

A quintet taking a group photo in black attire. The picture was taken by Ne Stor and colour edition by Heilemania
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Diabulus in Musica is one of the metal bands with a female lead vocalist. It is a Spanish symphonic metal band that was formed in 2006.

The band consists of five members. Zuberoa Aznárez is known as the lead vocalist of the band Diabulus in Musica. She is one of the founding members of the group.

The singer gained prominence through her involvement with Diabulus in Musica. In addition to her role in the band, she leads her own solo projects, where she mixes folk music with classical influences.

Known for her versatile and distinctive voice, the singer has been a driving force behind the band's success. The current members of the band are listed below:

  • Gorka Elso - Keyboards
  • Ion Feligreras - Drums
  • David Erro - Bass
  • Aimar Ibarzabal - Guitar

3. Beseech

Angelina has been in the band Beseech since 2013
Source : facebook

The female metal band Beseech was originally formed in Borås, Sweden, in 1992. The band went on hiatus in 2006 and reformed with several lineup changes at the end of 2013.

The group released six studio albums throughout its career, including ...From a Bleeding Heart (1998), Black Emotions (2000), Souls Highway (2002), and more. The debut studio album of the group is ...From a Bleeding Heart, which was dropped in 1998.

Angelina Sahlgren Söder is the lead vocalist for the band Beseech. Angelina, along with her band members, contributed to the success of the band.

The current lineup of Beseech consists of the following members:

  • Robert Vintervind - Guitar
  • Klas Bohlin - Guitar and Backing vocal
  • Manne Engström - Guitar
  • Johan Örnborg - Bass Guitar
  • Håkan Carlsson - Drums

4. Lacuna Coil

In the band's group photo where everyone is dressed in black, Cristina Scabbia stands out by wearing pink attire
Source : facebook

The lineup of the Italian gothic metal band Lacuna Coil consists of five members.

Since its formation in 1994, the group has recorded nine studio albums, two live albums, two extended plays, two compilation albums, and one video album.

The band has embarked on international tours and was nominated for an MTV Europe Music Award in 2006. The Badn won several awards, including the 2012 Metal Female Voices Fest Award for Best Album.

The group's sixth studio album, Dark Adrenaline, appeared on the Billboard 200 at number 15.

Cristina Scabbia is the lead vocalist of the band. She has contributed to the success of the group and is known for her powerful and dynamic vocals.

The band member of Lacuna Coil are:

  • Andrea Ferro - Vocal
  • Marco Coti Zelati - Bass, Keyboard
  • Diego "Didi" Cavalotti - Guitars
  • Richard Meiz - Drums

5. Magica

Mladinovici has recorded several songs with Magica, including All Waters Have the Colour of Drowning, Don't Wanna Kill, and Bittersweet Nightshade
Source : facebook

Magica is one of the female-fronted metal bands. The band was first formed in 2002 in Constanţa, Romania.

Bogdan Costea started Magica as a project, and during that time period, he was a guitarist within the gothic metal band Interitus Dei.

Romanian vocalist Ana Mladinovici was born on August 14, 1979. Ana started her career at Magica as a lead vocalist in 2002. Previously, she had taken on the role of lead singer in the band Interitus Dei.

The band has recorded several albums and songs throughout their career, and Ana gave her powerful voice to the band's music.

The Magica band members are:

  • Bogdan Costea - Guitar
  • Cristian "Baronu" Popescu - Bass
  • Alex "Gomez" Dascaloiu - Drums

6. Seven Spires

From left to right Chris Dovas, Adrienne Cowan, Jack Kosto, and Peter de Reyna in a single frame
Source : instagram

One of the female-led metal bands is Seven Spires. An American symphonic metal band, Seven Spires, was formed in 2013 in Boston.

The founding members of the band consist of Adrienne Cowan (Vocals) and Jack Kosto (Guitar).

Adrienne Cowan is a metal artist. Born on January 28, 1995, the singer is now 28 years old. Cowan is known for her role as a lead vocalist and composer in the band Seven Spires.

Additionally, she contributes as a live member of Tobias Sammett's Avantasia, the singer of Sascha Paeth's Masters of Ceremony, and the keyboardist and backing vocalist of Winds of Plague.

The current members of Mostly Autumn are listed below:

  • Jack Kosto - Guitars
  • Peter de Reyna - Bass
  • Chris Dovas - Drums

7. The Sins of Thy Beloved

Album cover of The Sins of Thy Beloved's Lake of Sorrow
Source : twitter

The Sins of Thy Beloved is one of the heavy metal bands with female lead singers.

The band was initially called Purgatory, but later they switched to a less common name. Formed in 1996, The band's music incorporates various genres such as gothic metal, death-doom, and symphonic metal.

The group has released several albums over the years and built a loyal fanbase in the metal music scene. Some of their notable albums are
Lake of Sorrow (1998) and Perpetual Desolation (2000).

A Norwegian singer, Anita Auglend, served as the lead vocalist in The Sins of Thy Beloved. Her soprano vocal range contributed to the band's unique sound.

The last known lineup for the band was:

  • Glenn Morten Nordbø - Guitars, Harsh vocals
  • Arild Christensen - Guitars
  • Ola Aarrestad - Bass
  • Stig Johansen - Drums
  • Maiken Olaisen - Keyboard

8. The Gathering

The band released several albums throughout its career, and its most recent album, Beautiful Distortion, was released in 2022
Source : twitter

Silje Wergeland is one of the female death metal singers. A Dutch rock band, The Gathering, consists of five members.

The group was formed in Oss, Netherlands, in 1989. Silje Wergeland is the lead vocalist of The Gathering.

She is a Norwegian singer, songwriter, and pianist. Born on November 9, 1974, the singer has been with the band since 2009.

Wergeland contributed her iconic vocal style to the band's sound, and she recorded several albums, singles, and EPs with The Gathering, including The West Pole (2009), City from Above (EP, 2009), Disclosure (2012), Afterlights (EP, 2012), and Echoes Keep Growing (Single, 2013).

The other members of the band are:

  • René Rutten - Guitars
  • Hans Rutten - Drums
  • Hugo Prinsen Geerligs - Bass
  • Frank Boeijen - Keyboards

9. The Dark Element

From left to right Jani
Source : facebook

Anette Olzon is one of the female metal singers. Anette is a Swedish singer who is well known as the lead vocalist of the band The Dark Element.

A Swedish symphonic metal band, The Dark Element, was formed by Anette Olzon and Jani Liimatainen. The band has released two studio albums, The Dark Element (2017) and Songs the Night Sings (2019).

Born on June 21, 1971, the singer became a part of the band in 2017. Anette's singing remains a notable feature, and the collaboration between her and Jani Liimatainen remains significant in shaping the band's sound.

The current band members of The Dark Element are:

  • Jani Liimatainen - Guitar
  • Jonas Kuhlberg - Bass
  • Rolf Pilve - Drums

10. Echoes of Eternity

Francine Boucher's powerful vocals contributed to the band's distinctive sound
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Echoes of Eternity is an American progressive metal band with female lead vocals. The band hails from Los Angeles, California, in the United States.

Founded in 2005, the band is known for its blend of progressive metal, thrash metal, and gothic metal genres.

During their active year, the band released The Forgotten Goddess (2007), As Shadows Burn (2009), and Ageless (2019).

Francine Boucher is the lead singer of Echoes of Eternity, and she has been in the band since 2005. Led by the female vocalist, the group gained recognition and popularity in the progressive metal community.

The current lineup of the band is listed below:

  • Brandon Patton - Lead Guitar
  • Sam Young - Rhythm guitars
  • Kirk Carrison - Drums