Barbara Lamelza Alter & Wikipedia, Here Is What We Know About The German TV Actor

Barbara Lamelza is a German makeup artist who has been a makeup artist for several movies for a long time. 

Barbara Lamelza is a German makeup artist. She has been a makeup artist for several movies throughout the years.

Lamelza is also a makeup artist for models. She is highly talented in her work, and she has been working in the entertainment sector for a long time, assisting with cosmetics.

She works and lives in L.A., California, United States. She explains that Los Angeles is the best place to live and prosper with her work.

Learn More On Barbara Lamelza Alter & Wikipedia

Barbara Lamelza does not have a Wikipedia page to her name. However, she has been covered by various other news articles and media outlets.

Barbara was born in Germany and raised there until moving to the United States in 1995. She subsequently moved to Los Angeles and began working in the makeup industry.

She was first introduced to makeup in 1989 when she was doing a fashion show, and a makeup artist did her makeup. She loved the technique so much, and she then started playing with makeup herself.

Barbara used to be a model at the time, but her interest shifted quickly. She then decided to take classes for makeup and hair for about 2.5 years from an Oscar-winning mentor who lived in Berlin, Germany. 

However, Barbara has not revealed her age details, and assuming from her career timeline, and she should be somewhere in her fifties. 

Barbara Lamelza TV acting Career Explored

Barbara Lamelza has been in the entertainment industry for a long period. However, she has been in the industry as a makeup artist, not an actress.

Lamelza used to be a model before changing her mind and career path. She has been in the entertainment industry, working for various movies and television shows as a fashion model.

Either way, Barbara is a very renowned makeup artist in Hollywood. She worked on projects such as Submergence, Who Killed Johnny, Ruprecht, and many others.

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Meet Barbara Lamelza On Instagram 

Barbara Lamelza's Instagram handle goes under @barberalamelzamakeup. She has about 4.3k followers and follows back about 3.4k people.

She is quite active on Instagram and utilizes it to market her work to her followers. The makeup artist frequently publishes photos of her clientele and works daily.

Lamelza has about 709 posts on her Instagram account so far. She rarely posts pictures of herself. Most of her pictures are related to her clients and her work promotion. 

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