Who Is Tim Weeks Wife Alexa Weeks? Does The 'Bargain Hunt' Host Have Any Kids?

Tim Weeks on BBC Radio Wiltshire. ( Source : Bbc )

Tim Weeks grew up in an environment filled with antiques and the excitement of an auction house.

He witnessed his father, an auctioneer, strike the gavel at sales in Badminton and Grittleton before opening the Wessex Auction Rooms in Draycot Cerne. Tim's wife and children are his most significant sources of creative inspiration. He is a beautiful husband and parent.

Weeks is an English television personality, auctioneer, cataloger, director, and valuer. He is well known for the lengthy Bargain Hunt BBC One program.

Wessex Auction Rooms is a business that Weeks is happy to be a co-owner, valuer, and auctioneer of. His father, an auctioneer, founded the firm, which he and his business partner, Martin Hughes, took over in January 2016.

Who Is Tim Weeks' Wife Alexa Weeks? Married Life & Relationship

Tim Weeks has a successful career as a well-liked auctioneer and leads a peaceful personal life. With his stunning wife, Alexa Weeks, he has a happy marriage. Tim has not yet provided any more information on how the two of them first met or the precise moment they decided to marry.

  Tim Weeks bids for television stardom
Tim Weeks bids for television stardom ( Source : Gazetteandherald )

However, as of 2021, Tim and his partner Alexa are the delighted parents of their two exceptional children. With their daughters, Bella Weeks and Albie Weeks, they led a lavish and prosperous life.

Tim wants to lead a very private life and is highly protective of his marital relationship and family environment. The auctioneer hasn't felt the need to publicly address his relationship with his wife Alexa up to this point, maybe due to her unwavering support of his flourishing business in auctions and biddings.

Additionally, Tim has kept his social media accounts secret, which is one of the main reasons why so little is known about his private life. It demonstrates how well he has guarded his personal life, refusing to allow news outlets to use his wife, children, or other family members as sources.

Alexa, his wife, shares his dislike of appearing in the media. She prefers to live a secluded life. There isn't much information on her online because both of their Instagram profiles are hidden.

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Tim Weeks Age And Wikipedia: How Old Is He?

At noon, Bargain Hunt, a daytime TV program that includes some specialists, returns to BBC One. Tim Weeks, who spends a lot of time conducting auctions, described joining the team as a "dream come true."

His age is still unknown online, but based on his looks, he must be between 30-35. He is also not yet included on Wikipedia, but his job page does have a profile. 

Tim Weeks was born in Chippenham, England, somewhere in the 1980s. Tim is of the Caucasian race and holds British citizenship.

The person who has most influenced Tim's decision to pursue a career in auctioneering is his father, Peter Weeks. When he was six years old, he spent his weekends sitting in the corner of the auction rooms watching his father use the gavel.

Tim Weeks Net Worth Explored 2022

Tim accrues a sizable net worth through his remarkable career as an auctioneer, television personality, radio broadcaster, and businessman. His exact net worth is still being examined, though.

Weeks shops for antiques at neighborhood fairs to make a good profit before selling them at auction. One of his most significant gains came from a $50 purchase of a scrapbook that contained newspaper clippings from the 1940 football season.

He was successful in getting more than $1210 for the book. Furthermore, Tim Weeks also serves as the company's owner, running Wessex Sales. He also appears live on the BBC2 network, where he is respected as a traditional expert.

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