What Happened At Baylor Scott And White Irving Hospital? Armed Suspect By Police In ER

On Wednesday, the Irving police informed the public of a patient wielding gun at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center at Irving. ( Source : Dallasnews )

The famed Baylor Scott And White Irving Hospital have recently come under a gun violence threat.

While the news has shocked the public, the Irving Police force has assured that the threat is currently taken care of.

Dallas News writes that the police notified the public of the hospital incident. According to them, on Wednesday, just before 9 p.m. there was a shooting at the Irving hospital.

Baylor Scott And White Irving Hospital Shooting Update- Armed Suspect Shot By Police

Baylor Scott & White Medical Center, Irving has come under nationwide attention given the recent hospital shooting case.

It is confirmed that the critical situation has already been taken care of by the Irving Police. The unnamed suspect had initially fired one round at a hospital officer and an Irving officer.

The officer became alerted and called for backup right after. The armed suspect was easily handled by the outnumbering police officers who had shot one more round.

Reports suggest that several officers were in the room and shot back at the shooter. However, a clear report on the number of police officers who occupied the room and the number of shots fired at the gun-wielder are still under review.

The gun shooting happened in a patient room in the emergency wing of the hospital while the nearby rooms were occupied by patients.

Irving police spokesman Robert Reeves has assured us that no injuries on both police officers, hospital staff, and patients have been reported yet.

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Is The Baylor Scott And White Irving Hospital Suspect Dead Or Arrested? Who Is He?

The Baylor Scott And White Irving Hospital shooting suspects are confirmed to be dead, per the police spokesperson.

After he had fired more than two rounds of fire at the police, the altercation resulted in a gunfight between the suspect and the hospital in the hospital room.

Hence, being outnumbered by experienced police officers, the unnamed shooter was shot to death. He died at the scene due to his gun injuries.

NBC DFW 5 reports that a nurse had been aware of the man wielding a gun. Hence, she had informed a police officer nearby.

The 34-year-old shooter's name has not been released though he had been admitted to the hospital. However, the reason behind his admission to the hospital is still under review.

Overall, the whole case is currently under the Irving police department's investigation.

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More On Baylor Scott And White Irving Hospital

Baylor Scott & White Irving Hospital is a healthcare system based in Irving, Texas.

Its parent hospital is Baylor Scott & White Health which is based in Dallas, Texas. The big hospital community has 52 hospitals across Central and North Texas.

Baylor Scott & White Health was formed in 2013 from the merger of Scott & White Health with Baylor Healthcare System, per their official website. It is now the largest non-profit healthcare system in Texas, and one of the largest in the country.

The Irving-based hospital of the Baylor Scott & White Health system currently has 222 licensed beds. 

Citing the recent gun incident in the hospital, the hospital has come under heavy scrutiny and talks from the police and public as well.