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Bernardo Pantoja Enfermedad - What Happened Io Isabel Pantoja Brother

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Bernado Pantoja has been admitted to the hospital again while his sister Isabel Pantoja is in Survivors.

Bernardo, Anabel Pantoja's brother, has been brought to the hospital again due to his health deterioration. Isabel Pantoja's brother has had diabetes for quite some time.

He was in grave danger of losing his health just a few months ago, owing to the severity of his condition. Meanwhile, Anabel continues to star in the Telecinco reality show "Survivors," unaware of the new developments in her family.

Bernado Pantoja Enfermedad( Illness): What Happened To To Him?

Bernardo Pantoja's health situation is growing more difficult. Anabel Pantoja's father & Isabel's brother have been in and out of the hospital for the past four months owing to complications from his diabetes.

According to Save me, Bernardo's health may have deteriorated in the previous few hours, and he may be in a very sensitive and critical condition. Kike Calleja, a correspondent for the show, has confirmed this.


Juan Sols, Anabel Pantoja's friend, joined the show live & said that Bernardo has his ups and downs but is steady despite his problems.

However, Diego Varela, a friend of Bernardo Pantoja, rejected this information almost immediately, stating that Isabel Pantoja phones her brother every day.

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Who Is Isabel Pantoja Brother Bernado Pantoja?

Bernado Pantoja is the brother of the renowned Spanish singer named Isabel Pantoja. She was born in the Seville neighborhood of Triana.

She has released over a dozen albums in her career, the majority of which are in the copla genre, and is known for her distinct Andalusian style.

She was born into a musical Romani family. Her grandfather & father were both vocalists. Pantoja began playing flamenco at seven in her cousin Chiquetete's flamenco group.


When she was 17, she met her "maestro," Juan Solano Pedrero, who worked with writer and poet Rafael de León to write her first songs. Pantoja promoted copla, a dying genre that she revived.

Pantoja has recorded over a dozen CDs and has traveled extensively across Spain & Latin America. Her brother, Bernado, is known for having ties to her & recently, with his concerning health issues, he has been a center of the topic.

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Bernado Pantoja Age & Wikipedia

Bernado's exact age has not been revealed to the public yet. However, considering he is Isabel's sibling, he should not be too far off from her age.

Pantajo does not have a Wikipedia to his name yet. But his sister, Isabel, has a Wikipedia to her name. Bernado is rather a discreet person & likes to keep her information private.

He prefers to keep his personal life private, but he has recently been in the spotlight due to health complications. Given his sister's celebrity, he is bound to be followed by the media.