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Bryan McClendon Wife Amber McClendon Is A Fitness Enthusiast

Bryan and Amber have been married since the year  2006.
Bryan and Amber have been married since the year 2006.( Source : instagram )

Bryan Mcclendon and his wife Amber Mccclendon have been married since 2nd September 2006. Bryan is a wide receivers coach at the University of Georgia.

Besides being a wide receiver coach, he is also a pass game coordinator for the University of Georgia. Before this, he was a pass game coordinator at the University of Oregon. 
He has also worked as a wide receivers coach and offensive coordinator at the University of South Carolina.

McClendon was born in Chicago, Illinois. While in high school, he used to play football at Benjamin E. Mays High School, which is located in Georgia, Atlanta. His alma mater is the University of Georgia, where he played wide receiver.

Bryan began his career as a coach in his alma mater as a graduate assistant. He was then later promoted to running backs coach. Between 2009 and 2013, he worked as the running backs coach but was later reassigned to be a wide receivers coach in 2015.

Bryan Mcclendon Wife Amber Mcclendon Is A Fitness Fanatic

Bryan McClendon wife Amber Mcclendon posts fitness regime on her Instagram page The Amber McClendon Fitness.

Amber regularly documents her workouts on her Instagram fitness page. As of writing this, she has hundred and seventy-seven followers on her page. Her bio on her page mentions that she is a mom of a there, has an English bulldog, workouts that work for her, and that she is the coach's other half. Amber's maiden name is Amber Arnold.

Amber McClendon working out at her home during May of 2022.
Amber McClendon working out at her home during May of 2022. ( Source : instagram )

Recently on November 6, 2022, she posted a photo of her from her gym in her home. In the captions, she explained her routine for that day, which included mountain climbers and twists for abs, shoulder presses and front rows for arms, deadlifts, BDLs, and Sumo Squats for the legs. In July of 2022, Amber posted a video of her favorite abs workout, Mountain climbers. 

And on October 2022, she posted a video of her juicing a pomegranate with a manual juicer. In the captions, she wrote, "I am loving this manual/hand juicer! Easy Peasy for juicing and cleaning!"

Similarly, on September 10, 2002, she posted a video of her working out; in the captions, she wrote that her Saturday sessions for that day included twenty minutes of jogging, four sets of each: twenty crunches, twelve shoulder presses, twelve deadlifts, and twelve mettle wings using a dumbell.

Amber Is Also A Program Coordinator

Amber McClendon is a Program Coordinator for a nonprofit organization, Families 4 Change, based in Georgia.

Families 4 Change seeks to reduce juvenile offenses and truancies in school. They have so far been successful in reaching over 2500 youth and families.  

Amber's alma mater is Clark Atlanta University for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration. For her graduate degree in Social Work, she attended the University of Georgia. She joined Families 4 Change in May 2010. Immediately upon joining the organization, she led the groups and oversaw the nationwide implementation of the Family Solutions Programs (FSP). 

And as a program coordinator, her job entails ensuring the certifications of FSP leaders, managing compensation for leaders, website utilization for Families 4 Change, direct supervision of the interns, and fidelity to the program. 

Before joining Families 4 Change, she worked with Clarke County School District students for academic intervention. Her additional experience as a professional includes individualized case management for marginalized students and families in the Athens Area Homeless Centre. 

Apart from this, her experience includes John and Mary Franklin Foundation, CHINS committee member, and annual grant underwriting for  United Way of Northeast Georgia.

 Amber on the way to her gym in Atlanta, Georgia on February 2022.
Amber on the way to her gym in Atlanta, Georgia on February 2022. ( Source : instagram )

Bryan and Amber Married Life

Amber and Bryan have been together for 16 years and have three kids together from their marriage. 

Their kids’ names are Bryan, Brooke, and Bryan. Amber and Bryan have known each other since middle school. They attended high school and middle school together. It was not until Bryan joined the University of Georgia they started dating.

Bryan posted a pcture from their wedding in 2006, during their 14th wedding anniversary.
Bryan posted a pcture from their wedding in 2006, during their 14th wedding anniversary. ( Source : instagram )

Talking to Chip Towers from Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Bryan said that after he had made the team for the Chicago Bears, he went and asked the coach Lovie Smith, if he could have the weekend off to get married. He flew to Atlanta on Friday after that then married on Saturday and flew back to play Green Bay in 2006.

On September 2 of 2020, Bryan took to his Instagram to wish Amber their 14th wedding anniversary. He uploaded a picture from their wedding day and in his captions, he wrote, “Happy 14 years!!! Even more excited about the lifetime to go. Happy Anniversary.”

In 2018, when Bryan was promoted to offensive coordinator for the Gamecocks, talking to John Del Bianco, he revealed that moving sucked and chose South Carolina because it felt like they could be there for a while even when they left. It was hard for the family to move from Georgia to South Carolina. Furthermore, he added that he was blessed to have his family under one roof.