21 Stylish And Best Buzz Cut For Men

Stylish And Best Buzz Cut For Men
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With its clean and low-maintenance appeal, the Buzz Cut has long since become a go-to option for men of all ages and lifestyles.

It has stood the test of time to become a classic and stylish choice of grooming. Whether you are looking for a bold and edgy look or something more subtle and refined, we have amassed a comprehensive guide listing and exploring 21 variations of the buzz cut.

This article will help you decided upon the best choice to suit your personality and enhance your overall appearance. A buzz cut is more than just a shaved head, and get ready to learn just why.

1. Crew cut

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A crew cut is characterized by short hair on the sides and back of the head, while the top is left slightly longer. It originated in the military and gets its name from its usage my the military crew members. The hairstyle is espeically known for its low maintenance and clean appearance.

From its peak popularity in the 1950s to now, the crew cut has remained a fashionable and trusted grooming choice by men who want a neat and professional look. Plus, since there's not much styling effort to it, the cut has been prefered by many who lead busy lives.

2. High and tight buzz cut

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The high and tight buzz cut is achieved by using clippers to create a close-cropped love, and also possesses the short sides and back with a slightly longer length on top. As with other buzz cut looks, it is also low-maintenance and looks neat and clean.

Another similarity it has with the crew cut is that the high and tight buzz cut is very popular with members of the military. However, it has long since been adopted by the general public for its timelessness and classic appeal. Unlike the crew cut, the sides here are completely shaved.

3. Ivy League buzz cut

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The Ivy League buzz cut is slightly longer than the rest of the styles on this list as it is the only one with hair on top that can be held by the hands. The cut got its name from its ubiquity in Ivy League schools like Harvard and Yale back in the mid 20th century.

Unlike many other buzz cuts, the size of the sides are merely short and not entirely shaved with the top almost becoming a quiff. However, it is still as low-maintenance as the rest of the buzz cuts and only requires minimal handling to maintain.

4. Burr cut

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A Burr cut is another type of buzz cut that has become very popular nowadays, especially through the increasing popularity of Rap music. Unlike a regular buzz cut, which is shaved on the sides but has a bit of hair on top, a burr cut has a similar level of short hair all around the head.

The hair might fade only towards the lower ends of the sides, closer to the neckline. Usually a hair clipper number #1 or #2 is used to achieve this style. It is also very similar to a brush cut, but with minimal differences.

5. Induction cut

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An induction cut is the shortest you can get a buzz cut without going completely bald. As with the burr or brush cut, all the hair on the head is shaved to an inch, and produces a nice, shiny sheen.

This look is for those to want to accentuate their facial features without completely abandoning their hair. Unlike going bald, the induction cut leaves just enough hair to make a bold, individualistic statement and as a fashion choice.

6. Flat top buzz cut

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The Flat top buzz cut is, as the name suggests, a buzz cut with a flat top where there is more hair than the sides. This cut is perhaps what most people think of when they think of the military as it has been popularized by the media and cartoons.

The flat top allows for a great way to frame your face and style your hair without any maintenance. Plus, it just looks cool and also fares well with a nice, athletic body. Simply put, there's a reason why the flat top has been favored by the military and the general public alike.

7. Fade buzz cut

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A Fade buzz cut combines the buzz cut with a fade where the sides are shaved longer to shorter from the top to the bottom towards the ear. The fade itself is a great look for men and has been utilized in many other styles from mohawks to quiffs.

What it does is bring a sense of symmetry to the hair and style, which the buzz cut can often lack due to its simplicity. Through the different ways of styling a fade, one can really make a buzz cut their own through this method.

8. Butch cut

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As with the burr and induction cut, the Butch cut features a style of buzz cut that its cut in a similar length all around the top. The similarity in length can vary but most people prefer to go as short as possible, though some have favored longer.

Cutting the hair uniformly allows for a nice bit of symmetry all around that makes this look elegant and even sophisticated. However, it can be rugged too, depending on the length, and it is precisely this ability for variation that has made the Butch cut a favorite amongst the general public.

9. Caesar buzz cut

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The Caesar buzz cut is recognizable for being one of the few types of buzz cuts with bangs in the front. Unlike normal bangs, these don't exceed the hairline but instead bundles up on them. For example, the hair is thickest in the front and tapers out in the back.

The sides are also completely shaved, and it is this disparity between the shaved sides and the sudden thickness in the front that has made this an attractive look for a lot of people. It has an edginess that not many other buzz cut styles have, and thus has proven very popular recently.

10. Brush cut

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The Brush cut gets its name from appearing to look like a brush. Meaning that the wearer has cut his hair so short that the bristles have become as hard as a brush. Like the Burr and induction cut, a brush cut is done all over the hair and in equal length.

However, the length can vary, but people prefer to go as short as possible. In a way, this aspect of the brush cut gives it a lot of versatility that has made it a favorite for many Hollywood stars, actors, musicians, etc, and one can often find famous people wearing this cut.

11. Recon buzz cut

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A Recon buzz cut, also known as a Recon haircut or Recon fade, is a type of hairstyle that involves shaving or cutting the hair very short on the sides and back of the head, while leaving the hair longer on top. The longer hair on top is usually styled or combed forward.

This disparity creates a distinct contrast with the closely cropped sides and back. This style is often seen in military or law enforcement personnel, but has also gained popularity among the general public as a trendy and low-maintenance haircut.

12. Regulation cut

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The regulation cut is a military-style haircut that is often worn by members of the armed forces. It is characterized by short, tapered hair on the sides and back, with slightly longer hair on the top.

The length of the hair is typically uniform and does not exceed a certain length, as specified by military regulations. This cut is popular due to its clean and professional appearance, as well as its ease of maintenance. It is often seen as a symbol of discipline and conformity.

13. Faux hawk buzz cut

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The Faux hawk buzz cut is a perfect combination of two cuts: the Faux Hawk and the Buzz Cut. The former is basically a type of Mohawk with only hair on the top and none on the back, and the latter is a near-shaved head.

How this combination works is that the wearer has just enough hair on top to look like a faux hawk while the rest of the head is shaved evenly. It is a great way to enhance the buzz cut and bring a little levity into a stern look. If done well, it is sure to wow people.

14. Taper buzz cut

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A Taper buzz cut is a neat and trendy look for anyone looking to stylize their buzz. The logic remains the same: an even buzz on top, but the sides are slowly tapered from a similar length as the top to shorter and shorter till its completely shaved as we reach the neckline.

Though seemingly bare, this cut can be surprisingly versatile and even stylized with whatever the wearer chooses. Be it through the length of the cut or hair, both on the sides, top or back, the freedom it allows is a great way to build confidence AND look good.

15. Undercut buzz cut

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An Undercut Buzzcut is a look where the disparity between the hair on top and the sides are very visible. The sides are in fact completely shaved, with an undercut separating it from the top, thus the name.

The disparity here works to make the cut look visually appealing, even giving it an edge, and has long since been co-opted by the Punk and later High Fashion subculture. This look is a perfect marriage of the bold with the fashionable.

16. Mohawk buzz cut

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A Mohawk buzz cut is a great look for those looking for a way to add a bit of strangeness to their look. One would think a mohawk needs to be big and bushy, the opposite of a buzzcut, but this is not necessarily true.

The true essence of a Mohawk is that it is a strip of hair that goes from the top to the back, with shaved sides. A Mohawk Buzzcut follows the same logic, but the strip of hair in the middle is a buzz cut. You might think this doesn't work, it does. Surprisingly well.

17. High fade buzz cut

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As the name suggests, a High fade buzz cut is a buzz cut with a high fade. Meaning that most of the sides are shaved with there only being a slight tuft of hair at the top of the sides.

It is a very neat and tidy look that is usually accompanied by a lot of variety for the hair on top as it is the main focus. The shaved sides make whatever you do on top stand out.

18. Low fade buzz cut

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Unlike its high fade counterpart, a Low fade buzz cut has a lower fade, with more hair reaching the bottom as it slowly fades into a shaved side. This is a rougher and more rugged version of the fade buzz cut.

It looks better on people with beards and facial hair as the fade brings a nice bit of contrast with it. The low fade buzz cut is also more comfortable as with less shaved portions, the skin doesn't hurt as much.

19. Skin fade buzz cut

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A Skin fade buzz cut is a cut where the top is completely shaved off with only a bare amount of hair left, while the sides are completely shaved off. The name comes from the fact that the skin is completely visible for the wearer of this cut.

Unlike the induction cut, the hair here isn't completely even and dissipates from the top to the side. However, the main focus is the fade as there is one, though very small, from the top to the sides. It is a very low-maintenance look that still manages to look amazing.

20. Bald fade buzz cut

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As with the skin fade, a Bald fade buzz cut is very, very short, with the only difference being the top is a bit longer. The wearers of this style fare a bit better than those of the skin fade as the hair on top offers a nice contrast to the shaved sides and much of the back.

This style can be enhanced with fades or made sharper with the recon, but sometimes simplicity sells, and this look is a great example of just that.

21. Buzz cut with a design

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Lastly, a Buzz cut with a design is simply a buzz cut with something funny, cool or interesting shaved into the sides or the top. It is a great way to showcase your individuality, quirkiness, and weird style.

With this, we end our list of 21 buzz cut styles. Hopefully you found one you like and are ready to show the world the power of the buzz.