Captain Cons Barstool Wife Alex Crehan And Family Life

Captain Cons and Alex Crehan during their times in French Riviera for vacation.
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Captain Cons from Barstool is married to wife Alex Crehan. Connor Crehan and Alex tied the knot in 2022.

The couple, who have gotten stronger since they started dating, recently made headlines after the case with Rico Bosco.

Cons, a varsity Quarterback for the Academy following a stellar High School football career, has recently talked about what Rico said and did to Alex, which caused a stir.

Captain Cons Wife Alex Crehan

Captain Cons wife Alex Crehan loves traveling. Cons and Alex are seen enjoying around the world on their vacation.

The love birds recently got married after being engaged since last March. Alex rose in prominence after dating her husband Cons, a mental fitness advocate and co-host at Zero blog on Barstool sports.

Like her husband, Alex is active on Instagram under the username @mclanaag with over one thousand followers. Her Instagram bio states her real name is Alex Crehan, and she has posted over four hundred posts from her official account. She has kept her account private.

Cons and Alex visited France in May this year.
Source : instagram

They have been to many tourist destinations throughout the world. For instance, they went to Rome, Italy April 2019 and Florence, Italy, the next month in April 2019.

The love birds have been frequently seen in Union Hall Hoboken. Moreover, they went to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 2018 for a vacation. They have not kept their love for sports a secret as well as they are often present at Madison Square Garden.

Alex Crehan and Captain Cons have been Dating since 2015

According to a post by Captain on September 10, 2020, the couple first met in 2015 and started dating after some time. They have been together for over seven years as of 2022.

Connor posted the couple's first picture on Ju, ly 31, 2017, and has published hundreds more ever since. The love birds enjoy their weekend at a party in their first post.

Then they were seen in The Ashford Estate to attend another party in October 2017. They are very social when looking at their Instagram account. 

Cons and Alex in Naples, Florida playing golf and attending party.
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After a short while, they were seen in the United States Air Force Academy; Cons was enjoying his time remembering his own time in the military. They lived in their home in New Jersey at the beginning of their dating life. They also enjoyed their visit to the Golden Gate the same year.

After being in a relationship for more than three years, she joined her lover in a gala program at The Altman Building on December 2, 2018. Their dating life started at this point, and a beautiful change was coming.

Alex And Conor got Married in 2022

Alex got engaged to her fiance-at-the-time, Cons, during their vacation. The former navy posted a picture on March 14, 2021, of him kneeling in front of his partner on a beach. 

The couple exchanged vows in April, 2022 in Naples, Florida.
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She said "yes," and they took their dating life to a new level. After a year of engagement, the couple walked down the aisle in Naples, Florida, on April 4, 2022. The former college football player did not shy away from posting it on his Instagram.

What Did Rico Bosco Say To Cons Wife?

Rico Bosco reportedly used burner accounts and phones to defame Captain Cons wife Alex Crehan.

Cons have taken Rico's acts as "cowardly action." It is suspected that Rico was using burner accounts to target the Cons' family. Kirk expresses his displeasure about Rico's statement that he would stop calling the program if he began working for Audacy.

Rico demanded $100,000 yearly to be a caller on Kirk's show. But, of course, that won't be the thing Kirk lets go of, given his connection with WEEI.

Cons calls Rico's act
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Reddit users claim that it appears that the burner account was tweeting insults about Alex. This is merely a Reddit conversation, and what happened is unclear. People on Twitter and Reddit are sharing many posts about Rico.

According to Jerry on the Yak, they said that Rico plotted this using one of his guys. Captain has said this very same thing in his Podcast, where he claims that Rico used Con's top guy to do this job. He had no idea what was going to happen.