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Charlie Heaton Parents Crispy Heaton and Shelly Lowe Raised Him In UK

Charlie at the season three premiere of Stranger Things
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Charlie Heaton parents Crispy Heaton and Shelly Lowe are separated. Crispy and Shelly live in the United Kingdom.

Charlie Ross Heaton is a talented English performer, who gained recognition for his portrayal of Jonathan Byers on the popular Netflix series Stranger Things. 

Before making a name for himself as an actor, he was active as a musician and bartender, but he soon realized that acting could serve as a way to increase his income.

In 2015, he appeared in a number of British TV dramas, such as DCI Banks, Vera, and Casualty. He also made his feature film debut in the suspenseful film Shut In, co-starring with Naomi Watts and Oliver Platt.

Additionally, he starred in the coming-of-age film As You Are, which was showcased at the Sundance Film Festival in 2016. 

Since then, Heaton has appeared in a variety of films, including Marrowbone, The New Mutants, and The Souvenir Part II.

Charlie Was Raised In The UK

Charlie Heaton parents Crispy Heaton and Shelly Lowe are currently living in the United Kingdom. Crispy and Shelly have two sons and one daughter.

Father Crispy Heaton

Charlie Heaton father Crispy Heaton is also a musician. Crispy was an inspiration for Charlie to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

Charlie celebrating Christmas with his family in 2018
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Crispy Heaton is the proud father of a renowned English actor and musician. As a musician himself, Crispy has had a profound impact on his son's life and career.

Charlie, who is one of three children from Crispy's marriage to Shelly Lowe, was encouraged by his father to pursue his passions from a young age. Crispy, a British national, follows the Christian religion and has been a significant source of inspiration and support for Charlie throughout his life.

Mother Shelly Lowe

Charlie Heaton mother Shelly Lowe raised him alone with her other two children.

Shelly Lowe is the mother of the well-known American actor Charlie Heaton. As a parent, she has been a constant source of encouragement and support for her son throughout his life.

In addition to her motherly duties, Shelly was a dedicated member of the National Human Rights Council, where she worked tirelessly to advance human rights and positively impact her community.

His Childhood And Early Years

Charlie Heaton was born on 6 February 1984. The twenty-eight years old actor is a native of Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.

His mother raised Charlie on a council estate in the small coastal town of Bridlington in Yorkshire. At 16, he moved to London to pursue his career.

Charlie with  his girlfriend attending the Emmys Awards 2018
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He inclined into music and started playing with various bands before finally becoming a drummer in the noise-rock band Comanechi. He spent a year and a half touring and recording with the band and released an album with them in 2013.

After his tenure with Comanechi, Charlie joined the London-based psychedelic band Half Loon as a musician. Throughout his career, Charlie has demonstrated his passion for music and has been an active music industry member.

Charlie Heaton Family

Charlie Heaton family consists of his mother and father. Charlie also has a brother and a sister.

Charlie's brother is rarely seen in front of the media. Thus, there is not much information available about  him. However, Charlie's sister Levi Heaton is an celebrated actress.

Sister Levi Heaton

Charlie Heaton sister Levi Heaton is an actress and model. Levi has made multiple screen appearances.

Levi Heaton is a talented actress who has made appearances in six different projects over the course of her career.

Her credits demonstrate her versatility and range as an actress, showcasing her ability to bring a wide variety of characters to life on the screen.

Levi is an celebrated actress just like her brother
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One of Levi's most notable performances was in the TV series "Meet the Richardsons," where she appeared in an episode in 2021.

She also appeared in the TV series "McMafia" in 2018, playing the role of Rebecca's Nurse.

In the same year, she appeared in the short film "The Legend of Red Hand," playing Linda, a character that required her to demonstrate her dramatic abilities.

Charlie and Levi attended the British Vogue Fashion and Film party together in London and had stylish outfits.

Charlie wore a vintage-style blazer, 'black' t-shirt, high-rise trousers, leather loafers, and a chunky gold necklace, while Levi wore a semi-sheer mesh jumpsuit, bright yellow platform heels, and red lipstick. Charlie's girlfriend Natalia Dyer was not in attendance.