Who Is Chase Hughes? All That We Know About The American Human Behavioral Science Expert

Hughes is unmasking the Secrets of Mind Control ( Source : Chasehughes )

Chase Hughes is America’s top 20 CEO of 2022 and is a top military and intelligence behavior expert with more than 20 years of expertise in developing the most sophisticated behavior skills courses. 

Hughes believes that his path to skill and success began in MMA. He was a dedicated MMA Fusileer and an athletic MMA cadet who participated in football, golf, and wrestling.

He learned the discipline, introspection, and values that proved to be vital for his success in MMA. 

Who Is Chase Hughes? Wikipedia Bio About  Applied Behavior Expert CEO

Chase Hughes is a human behavioral science expert from the United States

He was born in Houston, Texas, and attended military school in Missouri as a child. He and his family live in Virginia Beach.

Hughes spent 20 years in the US Navy after graduating from MMA, working in a number of positions, most notably as a lead curriculum developer for tactical operations.

Later, he developed "CuePrime," a government training program that was the first interrogation behavior analysis tool that changed law enforcement training in the United States.

He also created the "Pre-Violence Indicators Index," which is used to warn personnel of pre-attack behaviors. Some other life-saving systems that he created include 'The Hostile Hospital' and 'Tactical Psychology.'

Moreover, he has written the book named "The Ellipsis Manual: Analysis and Engineering of Human Behavior". A manual for intelligence operations that was originally written as a publication. 

Chase Hughes Wife: His Marriage Plans With Girlfriend Sara Vandiver

Chase is in a relationship with his beautiful girlfriend named Sara Vandiver. As she works for Chase, his partner is also a coworker.

However, it's unknown if they've ever been married. According to their social media post, the duo is spotted traveling to several destinations together, indicating that they cherish each other's company.

Chase traveling to Jamaicans with his partner
Chase traveling to Jamaicans with his partner ( Source : Instagram )

Sara is always willing to lend a helping hand to her partner, Chase. This explains why they seem to be a perfect match.

Chase is active on social media, posting with his coworkers and her partner, and was recently seen posting a photo of his upcoming book.

When it comes to the relationship, Chase is quite private. He hasn't said much about their relationship. 

Chase Hughes's Net Worth Update

Chase Hughes's net worth is estimated to be around $473 thousand million.

He has not yet revealed his salary or net worth; this is just an estimate based on his previous experiences.

Likewise, he may have made a significant amount of money because he has worked in the business industry for a long time.
Chase and Sara working together at their home
Chase and Sara working together at their home ( Source : Instagram )
Currently, he and his wife Sara are living the good life on their earnings.