Swamp People Cast Chase Landry Hand Tattoos Meanings and Design

Chase and his dad and brother host Swamp People on The Histroy Channel
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Chase Landry tattoos are of a rose and music sheets on his hand. Landry is a TV personality known for hunting alligators.

The 33-year-old grew up in a community passionate about wildlife. The frequent trips to seek the extraordinary reptiles became a bonding experience for him and his old man, Tory but also got him into trouble.

But his legal complications never hindered his interests, as he powered through with the show Swamp People. Despite having a net worth in the hundred of thousand, he never let go of his roots, following the annual tradition of searching for the big gator on the Belle River every September.

Indeed, his incredible knowledge of the matter, accompanied by his unparalleled technical skills, has compelled the show to resume running, with his 14th season arising on January 27 on the History Channel.

Chase Has Meaningful Tattoos On His Hand

Chase Landry has hand tattoos of various designs that have significant meaning in his life. Chase is the second son of Troy Landry. 

The youngest Landry made a name after he joined season three of Swamp People through his dad's influences. The job came with risks at every turn of the way.

After fourteen seasons, his name has become synonymous with the program, building a dedicated fanbase that genuinely cares for his well-being.

Chase's dad Troy announced the birth of his grandchild Riley Blake in 2017
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Their one month in each zone policy elevates the dangers, with unknown evils that may get them. So, it is crucial to know what matters and if risking their lives is worth the result. 

After getting marked for the first time, there was no going back as he had added more and more art pieces over the years.

Even fans were familiar with his connections with getting inked, as heading to a tattoo parlor was the first place he would run into when a momentous event occurred. 

Landry with his upper body exposed with tattoos
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The fifth-generation alligator hunter is not shy about his ink, with his biceps and shoulder remaining prime locations for drawing the pictures. His abdomens also have a few instruments and wording with minimal colors. 

His bulging muscles complimented the pattern and designs as he is fearless when casting the finishing rod.

Chase Has A Tattoo Of A Rose

Chase has a tattoo of a giant rose flower on the back of his hand.

In March 2016, his viewers got concerned when they saw a giant red dot on his head and feared that he had gotten seriously injured. He logged into Twitter to assure everyone he was fine and the supposed injury was nothing but a rose flower. 

Chase cleared the confusion about his rose tattoo on Twitter
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User Chris Cooney even thanked him for heeding his concerns, as he can now sleep a bit better. Some added that they thought it was a burn as the shooting camera was not well equipped in showing its beauty.

Others complimented the artists, saying the detail work was phenomenal, with each petal looking hyper-realistic. The rose encased his entire hand with a vivid hue that was the color of blood. The flower was in full bloom, with each petal traced with care.

Landry Has Loyalty Written On His Collarbone

Landry got Loyalty written in cursive on the middle of his collarbone.

In 2013, he connected to his longtime friend and tattoo artist Tony Francois at TG Tattoos. The artist, based in Palm Springs, California, has been working nonstop for 13 years with many celebrities visiting his parlor. 

 Landry from Swamp People getting tattooed by Tony at TG Tattoo in 2013
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Coincidently, it was his hat that got him noticed as they took a snapshot of him amidst the painful process. By then, he had also decorated his upper body in names, patterns, and writings, as it was the most note-worthy piece in the middle of his chest. 

He Has a Passion For Music

It may come as a surprise to many, but Chase has a passion for music. His hobbies expand from reptiles to musical instruments.

Although his rugged exterior and adventurous life make him seem like he has a brute persona, he displayed a softer side when he added that he likes guitars. In 2012, he gifted himself a new LCPG mod Les Paul guitar for Christmas and could not contain his enthusiasm.

He also asked his followers to check out CV guitars on YouTube as they were the ones who made his dream come true. One of his earliest tattoos was of an acoustic guitar just below his ribcage.

Landry paid homage to singer BB King with a tattoo on his arm in 2013
Source : twitter

Another masterpiece by Tony Francois showed his lower arm covered in musical notes. The notes converged at a site that revealed a portrait of singer BB King amidst a guitar solo.

His Twitter elaborated that it was a picture that took inspiration from his song The Thrill Is Gone, a slow minor-key blues song.