Chaz Chambliss Parents and Childhood Growing Up

Chaz Chambliss plays for the Georgia Bulldogs as outside linebacker.
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Chaz Chambliss was born to parents David Chambliss and Amanda Chambliss in Carrolton Georgia. Chaz Chambliss father David was a drill sergeant. 

The University of Georgia sophomore plays as the reserve linebacker for the Georgia Bulldogs, with 12 tackles this year alone. Chaz is one of the hottest up-and-comers in college football and aims to soon draft in the NFL. 

Chaz has a special admiration for David and holds his memory dearly in his heart with a tattoo on his right bicep. The 25-year US Army veteran passed away in 2020.

As Chaz tries to climb his way to the top of the grotesque sport that is American football, he credits both David and Amanda for instilling in him the strict discipline it requires to play in the big leagues.

Chaz Chambliss Parents

Chaz Chambliss parents David Chambliss and Amanda Chambliss are alumni of Mississippi State University. 

In an interview with 247Sports in 2018, Chaz revealed that his mother and father went to Mississippi State. Chaz, still playing football for Carrollton High School then, talked about the offers he had received from nearly 20 colleges and how he was leaning toward Mississippi due to his family connections.

Chaz Chambliss with mother Amanda Chambliss, grandad and grandma in the football stadium
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David Chambliss was born on October 17, 1966. The Louisville, Mississippi native is remembered by his child as a strict disciplinarian but soft at times. 

David was a fan and former player of baseball and football, which he passed down to Chaz when he was just 5 years old. After graduating from Nanih Waiya High School in 1985, David went to Mississippi State to pursue a master’s degree in civil engineering. 


In his 25 years of service in the US Army, David reached a rank as high as a drill sergeant. After his retirement, he moved with his then-wife Amanda Chambliss and son Chaz to Villa Rica, Georgia. There, David put his degree to use and was employed with Georgia Pacific and what is now Suez North America. 

Despite having to keep the appearance of a strict army dad, Chaz recalls David being a good person with whom he could play, share, and go fishing. 

David passed away on March 28, 2020, after a 10 months battle with a stroke, just as Chaz enrolled in college. 


Chaz's mother is Amanda Chambliss. She has kept her life away from the public view and is not active on social media platforms.

The Georgia star is very grateful to his guardians for raising him right and providing him with the best opportunities in life. 

Chaz Chambliss Childhood Story

Chaz Chambliss spent his childhood in Villa Rica and Carrollton Georgia. Chaz has played football since the age of five. 

The love for football ran in the Chambliss family. Since he was 5 years old, Chaz played football with his dad and had dreams of being a professional footballer since childhood. Having a few coaches as his relatives certainly did help him jumpstart his career. 

In addition to football, Chaz played baseball as a kid and was on the high school track team.

Chaz has a hobby for fishing and hunting
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Being from the south, David taught Chaz to fish and hunt from a young age. To this day, Chaz occasionally goes on fishing or hunting trips or any other outdoorsy activity. He has even spread the hobby of hunting to his teammates. 

When asked about his favorite fishing story, Chaz answered, "It was probably my last time fishing with my dad. It was probably 5 a.m., just him and me, just silent while we were fishing." We can tell how big of an impact David made on his kid even before noticing the tattoo on his right bicep. 

A beautiful father-and-son fishing scene is inked onto his skin as a reminder and honor to his late father, who lost his life at 53. 

Chaz Chambliss has a father-son fishing scene tattooed for his dad.
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Chaz started dominating on the pitch in high school, where he was named a 247Sports composite four-star prospect and was ranked as the #17 outside linebacker prospect. He received scholarship offers to play for colleges before his senior year prom.

Despite having offers from over 20 colleges, Chaz chose the University of Georgia, where he dominates his opponents as a 6'2" and 250 lbs linebacker. Just in his sophomore year, Chaz has a lot of time remaining in his football career to showcase his abilities.