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Chez Mellusi Parents Theresa Mathis and Mario Mellusi

Wisconsin Badgers' running back Chez with his father Mario and mother Tersea.
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Chez Mellusi was born to Italian parents Theresa Mathis and Mario Mellusi. Mellusi dad is a general manager at Barbatella restaurant.

Chez is the first Mellusi to pursue a career as a professional football player. He has been at the top form for Wisconsin Badgers.

The 5'11" running back is originally from Naples, Florida. The Italian is currently in his senior year and will shine in the National football league if he keeps up with his form.

Chez Mellusi Parents Mario Mellusi And Tersea Mathis

Chez Mellusi parents Mario Mellusi and Tersea Mathis are native to Italy. They have been living in America and Italy. 

Mellusi has a diverse range of heritage and backgrounds. His father is Italian, and his mother is American. Moreover, his dad, Mario, comes from a Caucasian ethnicity, while his mom belongs to African American heritage.

Mario Mellusi was born, raised, and educated on the lovely Italian island of Ischia, located off the coast of Positano. He was always interested in hospitality and started working in a restaurant run by his family in Ischia from a young age. 

Chez with his folks during his time at Clemson Tigers
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Chez's folks met for the first time in their twenties when Mario had come to the USA and settled down at the famous Tiberio in Washington, DC. They dated for some time and decided to take their relationship to a new level. They have been in a romantic relationship for over two decades and are now a married couple with multiple kids. 

The Mellusi-couple was seen in one of their son's games on September 4, 2018. This picture received many positive messages and comments, including a statement from an Instagram username Kim Baker, who seems to be his aunt. 

His Father Mario Is General Manager At Barbatella

Mario is the general manager at Barbatella, one of the best and finest eateries in Naples, Florida. He has been working here for 12 years.

According to barbatellanaples, Mario was not interested in sports like his son during his early days.

Instead, he had a passion for serving people. So, he decided to explore the world at 14 and started working in seasonal restaurants across Europe, where he could expand and refine his understanding of the food business.

Mario came to America in his twenties and settled at the famous Tiberio, the renowned Washington, DC, palace of Italian haute cuisine.

A six-month stay evolved into six years as Tiberio's reputation among Washington visitors grew to rival the city's upscale French eateries. This decision became one of his best choices in life as he has gained massive success in his passion.

Chez with his father Mario holding Dream Champion Award.
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Mario and Chef Fabrizio Aielli collaborated to establish one of Washington, DC's top three Italian restaurants, Goldoni, which later became Teatro Goldoni, founded in 1997.

The James Beard Award-winning Chef Roberto Donna hired Mario to work at his restaurant Galileo after Mario opened Goldoni. 

After working at Galileo for seven years, Mario decided to rejoin the Aielli group and launch a brand-new eatery in Naples, Florida. Barbatella opened its doors in 2011, and Mario has since found a place to call home. His kid went to Naples High School and is currently a Division 1 Clemson Tigers football player.

Besides cooking outstanding cuisine, Mario's passion is imparting his knowledge and experience to his workers and young adults who want to work in the hotel and culinary industries. 

Chez Mellusi Family Background

Chez Mellusi comes from a diverse background. Moreover, his family belongs to multiple ethnicities. 

His father is Italian, and his mother is American.

Si claims, His dad relocated to Washington, D.C., when he was 21 years old.

Most of Mellusi's family still resides in Italy, so he travels there every summer for around two weeks to spend time with them.

Chez belongs to a family of mixed ethnicity.
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About ten years ago, he and his family relocated to Naples, Florida, where they first met Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney.

Mario learned more than his mother tongue despite his nationality. During his travels, he acquired fluency in five languages: French, Italian, English, Spanish, and Neapolitan. Moreover, he can speak all five languages, a skill only a few people can boast about.