20 Chicken Breeds That Will Make Your Backyard Flock Cluck

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If you're considering starting a backyard flock of chickens, you'll quickly find that there are numerous chicken breeds to choose from.

Each breed has its unique characteristics, making it important to select the right breed for your specific needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for egg laying hens, friendly and docile, or simply stunning to look at, there is a breed out there that will make your backyard flock cluck with joy.

In this article, we will explore some of the top chicken breeds that are popular among backyard chicken enthusiasts, helping you make an informed decision for your flock.

1. Easter Egger

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The Easter Egger, a backyard favorite, enchants with its vibrant personality and colorful eggs. Sporting a variety of feather hues and patterns, these medium-sized chickens lay an impressive 200-280 eggs annually, often showcasing a spectrum of blue, green, or pink shells.

Their adaptable nature suits diverse climates, and they comfortably range from 1.8 to 2.7 kilograms when fully grown. Ideal for small backyards, Easter Eggers add both charm and productivity to your coop, making them a delightful choice for poultry enthusiasts seeking a blend of beauty and utility.

2. Rhode Island Red

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The Rhode Island Red showcases a vibrant mahogany plumage and robust build. Renowned for its exceptional egg-laying prowess, these hens churn out an impressive 260-300 brown eggs annually. With a mature size of 2.7 to 3.9 kilograms, they strike a balance between sturdiness and manageability.

Hardy and adaptable, Rhode Island Reds thrive in various climates, displaying resilience in both cold and warm temperatures. With their dual-purpose nature, these charming chickens make an excellent addition to any backyard coup, blending utility with visual appeal.

3. Barred Rock

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The Barred Rock charms with its classic black and white striped plumage, embodying timeless poultry elegance. Renowned for its friendly demeanor, this breed is not just a feathered friend but also a reliable egg producer, laying around 200-280 brown eggs annually.

With a mature size of 6-7 pounds, Barred Rocks adapt well to various climates, showcasing resilience in both cold and warm temperatures. Their dual-purpose nature, combining amiable companionship with commendable egg production, makes them an ideal choice for any backyard coop.

4. Buff Orpington

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The Buff Orpington has a golden plumage and a friendly demeanor making it one of the best breeds to raise in a backyard coop. Renowned for docility, these hens lay approximately 180-220 large brown eggs annually. With a mature weight of 3.6-4.5 kilograms, they strike a balance between size and manageability.

Buff Orpingtons thrive in various climates, demonstrating resilience in both heat and cold. Their adaptability, gentle nature, and consistent egg production make them an ideal choice for backyard coops, adding both warmth and productivity to your feathered flock.

5. Barnevelder

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The Barnevelder chicken breed is an excellent choice for backyard coops. Known for its striking double-laced plumage, these chickens are not only aesthetically pleasing but also reliable egg layers, producing around 200-280 brown eggs annually.

With a calm and friendly temperament, Barnevelders are easy to manage, making them suitable for families and beginners. Their hardy nature and adaptability to various climates further enhance their appeal, ensuring a delightful and productive addition to any backyard poultry setup.

6. Delaware

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Delaware chicken breed has striking white feathers and a calm disposition making it an excellent choice for backyard raising. Delawares bring both aesthetic appeal and a friendly vibe to your flock.

These dual-purpose birds are not only good egg layers, producing around 200-280 brown eggs annually, but also boast a respectable mature weight of 3.2-3.6 kilograms. Known for adaptability, they thrive in various climates, making them a practical and delightful addition to any backyard chicken enthusiast's coop.

7. Black Copper Marans

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The Black Copper Marans enchants with its glossy black plumage and striking copper feathers. Renowned for its deep chocolate-brown eggs, this breed lays around 150-200 eggs annually. With a moderate size, mature hens weigh approximately 2.7 to 3.6 kilograms.

These resilient chickens adapt well to various climates, thriving in both warm and cooler temperatures. With a winning combination of aesthetic appeal and reliable egg production, Black Copper Marans make a captivating and practical addition to any backyard coop, elevating the joy of poultry keeping.

8. Ameraucana

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The Ameraucana is the perfect breed for backyard raising with its striking appearance, showcasing a distinctive beard and muffs alongside vibrant plumage. Renowned for its consistent and colorful egg production, ranging from light blue to green hues, these medium-sized chickens offer around 200-250 eggs annually.

With a mature weight of 2.7 to 3.6 kilograms, Ameraucanas thrive in various climates, adapting well to both hot and cold temperatures. Their charming personalities, coupled with reliable egg-laying capabilities, make them an ideal and captivating addition to any backyard coop.

9. Crested Cream Legbar

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The Crested Cream Legbar is among the best chickens for egg laying. Sporting a distinctive crest, these medium-sized birds lay an impressive 180-200 large, blue-green eggs annually. Maturing at around 5-6 pounds, they strike a balance between size and manageability.

These sociable chickens thrive in temperate climates, showcasing resilience in both warm and cool temperatures. Their dual prowess in laying and adaptability makes them an excellent choice for backyard enthusiasts seeking a charming and productive addition to their flock.

10. Booted Bantam

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The Booted Bantam, a standout among fancy chicken breeds, graces backyard coops with its elegant and ornate appearance. These diminutive birds, with feathered feet and a dainty demeanor, add a touch of charm. While not the most prolific egg layers, producing around 150 small eggs annually, their delightful presence compensates.

With a mature size of 500 grams to 1 kilogram, these petite chickens thrive in moderate climates, making them a perfect choice for those seeking both aesthetic appeal and manageable backyard poultry companions.

11. Silkie

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The Silkie, among the rare chicken breeds, adds enchantment to backyard coops with its distinctive fluffy plumage and gentle disposition. Though petite, Silkies are admirable layers, producing around 100-150 small but uniquely textured eggs annually.

Their mature size is modest, making them perfect for limited spaces. These charming chickens thrive in moderate climates, displaying resilience to both heat and cold. Beyond their ornamental appeal, Silkies prove to be delightful companions, adding a touch of whimsy to any backyard poultry haven.

12. Frizzle

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The Frizzle chicken captivates with its unique appearance – feathers curling outward, creating a charming and distinctive look. While not the most prolific egg layer, it contributes a respectable 160-180 eggs annually.

The Frizzle's petite size, reaching around 1.5 to 2.5 kilograms, makes it well-suited for smaller spaces. Thriving in moderate climates, this breed is adaptable to varying temperatures. Beyond its endearing aesthetics, the Frizzle adds flair to any backyard coop while offering a reliable egg supply.

13. Polish

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The Polish chicken breed is a whimsical addition to any flock, recognized for its distinctive crest of feathers resembling a stylish hat. With a friendly demeanor, these medium-sized birds sport an array of eye-catching plumage colors.

Though not the most prolific egg layers, producing around 160-200 eggs annually, their ornamental appeal compensates. Known for their calm disposition, Polish chickens make delightful companions in backyard settings, adding a touch of elegance and a dash of quirkiness to the poultry panorama.

14. German Langshan

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The German Langshan is a graceful and majestic chicken breed that boasts a striking appearance with its sleek black plumage and upright stance. Contrary to its name, the breed originated in China and now it has gained popularity for its elegant demeanor and moderate egg-laying prowess, producing around 150-200 brown eggs annually.

This breed exhibits a calm and friendly temperament, making it suitable for backyard flocks. With a mature weight of 3 to 4 kilograms, the German Langshan combines beauty, amiable disposition, and a steady egg supply, making it a delightful addition to any poultry enthusiast's coop.

15. Kulang

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The Kulang also known widely as Asil chicken originated from India and it exudes an aura of elegance and ancient heritage. Renowned for its striking appearance, with an upright posture, well-defined muscles, and distinctive long neck, the Kulang reflects a regal demeanor.

Primarily bred for its prowess in cockfighting, this breed boasts a strong and assertive character. With a medium-sized frame, the Kulang chicken stands as a testament to its historical significance and enduring appeal, embodying a balance of grace and strength in the poultry world.

16. Jersey Giant

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The Jersey Giant is a magnificent breed that stands out as one of the largest chicken breeds globally. Recognized for their robust build and gentle disposition, these birds reach impressive sizes, with roosters often exceeding 5 kilograms.

Hailing from the United States, Jersey Giants are primarily dual-purpose birds, prized for both meat and brown eggs. Their calm demeanor makes them suitable for backyard flocks, adding a touch of majesty. Whether admired for their stature or appreciated for their utility, Jersey Giants make a regal addition to any poultry enthusiast's flock.

17. Naked Neck

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The Naked Neck chicken breed is a standout among best-laying hen breeds for backyard coops flaunting a distinctive appearance with its featherless neck, offering a unique and quirky charm. Renowned for its dual-purpose capabilities, this breed lays approximately 200-220 eggs annually and boasts a mature size of 2.5 to 3.5 kilograms.

Adaptability is a forte, as Naked Necks thrive in various climates. Their featherless necks make them well-suited for warmer temperatures. Beyond their unconventional beauty, these chickens bring both utility and character to backyard flocks, making them a delightful choice for poultry enthusiasts.

18. Modern Game

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The Modern Game chicken stands tall and elegant adding a touch of sophistication to backyard coops. Despite its ornamental appearance, this breed surprises as one of the best-laying hen breeds, producing a modest yet consistent 150-180 eggs annually.

With a compact size of around 1 to 1.5 kilograms, it suits smaller spaces. Adaptable to various climates, Modern Games thrive in moderate temperatures. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these chickens effortlessly combine style and substance, making them an excellent choice for backyard enthusiasts seeking both beauty and productivity.

19. Whiting True Blue

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Whiting True Blue is among the best chickens for egg laying in backyard coops that enchants with its striking appearance and vibrant blue eggs. Sporting a petite size, these birds mature at around 2 to 2.5 kilograms, making them space-efficient.

Renowned for their prolific egg production, hens lay approximately 200-280 eggs annually. Adaptable to various climates, Whiting True Blues thrive in moderate temperatures. With their unique aesthetics, small footprint, and impressive laying capabilities, they stand out as an excellent choice for those seeking both charm and productivity in their coop.

20. New Hampshire

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The New Hampshire chicken breed is a delightful addition to any backyard flock. Known for its vibrant, chestnut-red feathers, this medium-sized bird is prized for both meat and eggs. Recognized as one of the best dual-purpose breeds, New Hampshires are excellent layers, producing around 200-280 brown eggs annually.

With a friendly and docile temperament, they're well-suited for family flocks. Their adaptability to various climates further enhances their appeal, making them a popular choice for both novice and experienced poultry keepers.