Who Are Erin Doherty Parents? The 'Chloe ' Actress Grew Up In West Sussex

Image of Erin Doherty ( Source : Imdb )

Erin Doherty, also known as Erin Rachael Doherty, is a British actress most recently known for her appearance as Becky in the drama Chloe on BBC/Amazon Prime.

The 29-year-old actress started her career in theatre and has moved up to acting in movies. 

Doherty has also appeared as Princess Anne in the drama on Netflix, The Crown. She appeared in the third and fourth seasons of the series.

Erin was also nominated for a Gold Derby Award in 2021. She has been nominated for Best Supporting Actress-Drama for the Netflix series The Crown.

Previously, in 2020, the British actress won the Newport Film Festival award for Breakthrough Artist for the same Netflix series, The Crown. 

Chloe Cast Erin Doherty Parents: Mother Nichola Doherty And Father

Erin Doherty, a Chloe cast member, is the middle child of her parents. Her mother's name is Nichola Doherty, whereas the details of her father are missing. 

Her parents divorced when she was just four years old, which might be why the details about Erin's father are unknown. 

The actress has disclosed that it was her father's wish to complete the degree as a backup plan if she failed as an actress, but Erin proved him wrong and established herself as a famous actress.

Erin's family was always by her side since childhood as she wished to be a famous actress and supported her in fulfilling her dream.

Meanwhile, they prefer a calm life without disclosing their personal information to social media; they have rarely appeared on her social media feeds.

Erin Doherty's Siblings Grace & Matthew

Erin Doherty has two siblings: Grace Josephine Doherty and Matthew 'Matt' Doherty. 

The British actress was born on July 16th, 1992, as the middle child of her family. Hence, Grace is Erin's older sister, while Matthew is her younger brother. She hasn't shared any photos with her siblings on social networking sites. 

Doherty and her siblings were born in Crawley, West Sussex, England (the UK), and spent their childhood there. They played together and have faced most of life's joys and sorrows together. 

All three siblings grew up in a family of five, but they all had a decent childhood. Erin has maintained a cordial relationship with her brother and sister. 

Erin Doherty's Girlfriend Sophie Melville

Erin Doherty shares a lesbian relationship with her girlfriend, Sophie Melville, and they have been dating each other since 2021. 

Sophie is also an actress; both have shared the screen multiple times. Erin considers her relationship with Melville the most outstanding achievement of her life.

Melville has made her appearances in shows like The Left Behind, Call the Midwife, The Pact, and The Missing. The pair appeared together in Call, the Midwife in 2016.

Erin and her girlfriend Sophie
Erin and her girlfriend Sophie ( Source : Twitter )

Erin and Sophie are delighted in their relationship and currently reside in London in their apartment. Both of them spent their time in their flat binge-watching reality shows together. 

Doherty also stated that her partner is very conscious about their health and strictly focuses on her diet. Melville doesn't allow Erin to have junk food and chocolates; instead asks her to replace them with Kale salad which is beneficial for her health.