Christa Miller Plastic Surgery and Changes On Her Face

 Christa Miller Before and After Photos Indicating Her Transformation
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Christa Miller plastic surgery includes cheek implants, eye lifts and botox. Christa has had a transformation.

Born to New York royalty, Christa began her career as a child model until her career took off around the 1990s. A benign tumor diagnosis may have halted her career, but she took the next flight to Los Angeles.

She became a darling of the tabloids, with notable appreciation in Seinfeld, Stepfather III, Cleopatra, and The Andromeda Strain, to name a few. Her career got revived in 2009 when her husband asked her to star in the sitcom Cougar Town.

She had moved her talents to the digital platform with her latest appearance while attending the screening of her new Apple TV+ show Shrinking.

Everyone at The Paley Museum talked about the 58-year-old looking chic in an Iggy Pop t-shirt and skirt with a sultry side slit. Her co-star, Jason Segel, looked equally stylish with the scrubs protagonist in Zach Braff in an olive suit.

Christa Miller Plastic Surgery

Christa Miller plastic surgery includes eyelift, facelift and botox. Miller has yet to heed mind to the rumors. 

Miller has long become a hot subject of plastic surgery suspicion
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Growing up under the prying eyes of the paparazzi has pros and cons, as every little change and tweak gets noticed by the camera.

Although that performer never outright addressed the rumors, her photos unveil a different story, as she has done some work.

After crossing into her 50s, the societal pressure to get upheld to the current standards is hypocritical, but there is no other way to stay relevant in the game. 

She Tweaked Her Eyes

An eye lift is one of the most common surgical procedures on women, as Christa must have asked for one. 

Over the years, eyes tend to get snaggy and droopy, leaving an unremovable dullness in their wake. The lack of change to her ocular areas may have been indicative of eyelid surgery or botox. 

Christa for the Purist Online photographed by Catie Laffoon
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Miller Has Gotten Some Cheek Implants

One of Millers' most common changes is her bulging cheeks.

Her 20s show her to have plain cheeks with not much volume, as they have grown fuller and rounder loves the years. The bulge seemed artificially implanted to enhance her youthful side. 

Christa cheeks have changed over the years
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Other Cosmetic Procedures

Although Miller was not known for being pretty, people appreciated her natural look before her surgeries. 

One Reddit user could not contain their rage after watching her on the satirical medical series Scrubs, saying it was distracting. They explained how she was a pretty lady while her blotched procedures made her expression so static.

They even went as far as to state that they now prefer an alternative universe where she still had her actual face. They also understood the weight behind the words and did not want to be rude for no reason, only speaking what was on their mind.

Besides, they were not the only ones with more commenters agreeing on how the character eventually became their downfall. But some spoke in her favor, saying, she seemed more beautiful after undergoing the knife. 

Miller and John McGinley for the medical drama Scrubs
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Meanwhile, the artist reminded headstrong about her natural looks, saying her beauty tips were age-defining.

In an interview with The Purist Online, she talked about how Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 made her face feel light and oil-free with Nars The Multiple cream blush was her ultimate secret for glowy color for summer and good looks.

But her favorite beauty product was Sue Devitt’s Beauty Eye Intensifier Pencil, as it is waterproof and has multiple uses, such as eyeliner and shadow.

Her biggest worry is that they will discontinue, as she keeps a stock of 20 inside her fridge at all times. 

Christa's Transformation After The Plane Crash

IMDb stated that it was not Christa but her uncle Dick Ebersol and cousin Charles who got injured in the 2004 plane crash.

Meanwhile, her teenage cousin, Edward, lost his life. Although she never talked about the incident in her interviews, the event left a dent in her mind. 

Fortunately, the actress has never been put in harm's way, only getting injured in 2018 when she showed up at the Scrubs reunion at Vulture Fest.

Miller who played Jordan at the Scrubs cast reunion in 2018
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She sported blue eyes and some stitches, and the interviewer could not help but ask how she got them. She laughed and said she was wearing long pajamas and got tangled up on polished floors, diving face-first on the ground. 

Indeed, the makeup masked most of her wounds, as her husband, Bill Lawrence, found her in a heap of blood and pain. But her reunion was too significant to miss as they genuinely enjoyed the company of her costars.