Cider And Sunsets Cast, Movie Review and How To Watch

Cider And Sunsets promotional poster featuring the primary cast
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Cider And Sunsets cast include Erin Agostino as Marley and Aaron Ashmore as Curt. The movie is a romantic comedy streaming on GAF.

The movie "Cider and Sunsets" has received positive reviews from viewers, with particular praise given to Aaron Ashmore.

Ashmore is known for his roles in Hallmark movies and the show "Sky Med," His performance in this film is said to be natural and down-to-earth.

His on-screen presence is described as relaxed, making him easy to connect with.

Erin Agostino, who plays the female lead in the movie, is relatively unknown to some viewers but has a long list of previous film credits, including Christmas movies.

Though some viewers may not be familiar with her previous work, her performance in the film is described as fresh and new.

Some reviewers also noted that Agostino resembles Anna Kendrick, in a positive way.

Meet The Cast of Cider And Sunsets

Cider And Sunsets cast includes Erin Agostino, Aaron Ashmore and Brooke Palsson among others.

Erin Agostino As Marley

Erin Agostino is an actress and writer from Canada. She was born on June 27, 1985, in Montreal, Quebec.

Erin Agostino plays the character of Marley
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She has acted in movies like "A Christmas Masquerade" and "How to Find Forever" in 2022. She is also known for her role in the TV show "Murdoch Mysteries," which aired in 2008.

In the movie, Erin plays the character of Marley, who is good at arranging other people's engagements but has difficulty finding romance for herself.

Aaron Ashmore As Curtis Richards

Aaron Ashmore is an actor born in Canada, specifically in Richmond, British Columbia. He is the twin brother of Shawn Ashmore and was born one minute before him.

Aaron Ashmore plays the character of Curtis
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His parents are Linda and Rick, where Linda was a homemaker and Rick was a manufacturing engineer. When they were 10 years old, their mother was a member of a club called "Multiple Births Association" which Aaron jokingly calls "The Multiple Rugrats".

In the movie,  he plays the character of Curtis.

Brooke Palsson As Rachel Richards

Brooke Palsson is an actress known for her work in the TV show "Less Than Kind" (2008), the TV series "Between" (2015) and the TV show "Orphan Black" (2013).

Brooke plays the character of Rachel Richards
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In the movie, she plays the character of Richards.

Brooke is a talented actress with a career spanning several years, and she brings her acting experience to her role in "A Cider and Sunsets" to give a memorable performance.

Lara Amersey As Lara Ashcroft

Lara is a Canadian actress with a South Asian heritage. She has been acting for almost 20 years and has appeared in various film, television and commercials.

Lara plays the character of Lara Ashcroft
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She has a lot of experience in acting for children's TV shows, with 52 episodes in a leading role in the YTV series Monster Warriors and many other appearances on the Family Channel and Nickelodeon networks.

After this, she successfully transitioned into adult acting. In the 2022 movie, she plays the character of Lara.

Cider And Sunsets Movie Review And Plot Summary

Cider and Sunsets is an endearing and romantic movie that tells the story of Marley, a talented and dedicated wedding proposal planner played by Erin Agostino.

Marley wants to plan the perfect proposal for her best friend, Lara and decides to travel to Lara's hometown to make the arrangements. Her goal is to organize the proposal in an apple orchard with a special meaning to Lara.

Cider and Sunset cast members Aaron and Erin
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However, the peak of the apple harvesting season, and the busy schedule of the apple orchard's owner, Curt, played by Aaron Ashmore, make it challenging for Marley to use the orchard as the location for the proposal.

As the story unfolds, the audience sees Marley and Curt's interactions and how they keep running into each other.

Their family friends see the potential sparks between the two and arrange situations where they are brought together secretly. As they spend more time together, Curt decides to help Marley plan the perfect proposal for her friend.

The movie takes the audience on a journey of love, friendship, and finding the perfect proposal. It's a story about how fate plays its role in bringing two people together and how important family and friends are in helping us find love.

The film is filled with heartwarming moments, laughter, and tears, leaving the audience emotionally invested in the characters and the story.

How To Watch Cider And Sunsets?

Cider and Sunsets was released on October 8, 2022. The movie is currently available on only the Great American Family streaming platform.

The movie was released as part of the Great American Family channels Autumn Harvest lineup in 2022 for the holiday season.