Who Is CNN Analyst Carrie Cordero? Facts To Know About The Legal Analyst

Carrie Cordero is the famed CNN Security Analyst with many years of experience. ( Source : Dhs )

Carrie Cordero had shaken social media earlier this year due to allegations of misinformation from her side.

In June 2022, netizens pointed out that this finance expert's message relay on CNN was a mistake as she had mistaken " a judge said it could be obstruction of congress," when Judge Carter had stated Obstructing an Official Proceeding.

Learning from her blunder, Carrie has continued her work in the network, being careful and gaining experience from the last one.

She is affiliated with numerous organizations, including CNN, CNAS, and Georgetown Law University.

Wikipedia: CNN Analyst Carrie Cordero Is In Her 40s

This impressive career-leading financial expert appears to be in her 40s as of 2022. She has kept her birth date and other personal information to herself.

Per Ms. Cordero's LinkedIn, she is a 1997 graduate of Barnard CollegeBarnard College with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Political Science. 

She then chose to pursue her Doctor of Law (J.D.) degree in 2002 from American University's Washington College of Law.

Lawfare confirms that Cordero has spent is an adjunct professor at Georgetown Law, apart from her executive role at CNAS. She previously served as Director of National Security Studies at Georgetown.

Before her finance and law career took off, Carrie spent her initial career days in public service, including being a counsel to the Assistant Attorney General for National Security; Senior Associate General Counsel for the Director of National Intelligence; Attorney Advisor at the Department of Justice.

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CNAS Counsel Carrie Cordero's Marriage Credentials Remains To Herself

Carrie Cordero is open and interactive with the media regarding her work life, though she has resorted to keeping her marriage details away from public knowledge.

Citing her age, many believe that the CNAS Counsel enjoys a happy married life with a supportive husband and children as well.

Carrie Cordero has an open and well-fledged career in finance security though not the same goes for her personal life.
Carrie Cordero has an open and well-fledged career in finance security though not the same goes for her personal life. ( Source : Lawfareblog )

However, not much on Cordero's marriage, love life, as well personal information has come into contact with the public reaction.

To this day, the CNN Financial and Security Analyst has kept her family life with her potential partner and kids far from the unwanted limelight.

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Carrie Cordero Family Members Are Financial Experts

This big name Carrie Cordero among the finance experts comes from a family of hefty knowledge in the field.

Per her July 29, 2022, tweet, Cordero has confirmed that brother Paul Franklin was selected as one of the country's top 100 financial security professionals.

Likewise, he also got into the Top 5 category in the same event in the top five in the Virginia category.

With her brother's recent achievement, Cordero is now out of her work problems, but her brother's listing has made the whole family proud.

With such a stronghold in the business, both sons and daughters of the family rule over the corporate world.

Cordero is one of them as she is presently involved with numerous organizations like CNN, CNAS, and as a professor.

She also provides occasional sports reports of her own views on her Twitter handle.