Coco Gauff Sponsors and Endorsements [Updated 2023]

Coco is a famous tennis player from the United States who has amassed quite a fan following in such a young age
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Coco Gauff major footwear sponsor is New Balance after signing a hefty contract in 2018. Gauff also has endorsements for Tennis Racquets and clothing brands.

Coco is a Tennis player from the United States. She has been a prolific youngster with three career titles. 

The 18-year-old reached the 4th rank worldwide in the singles bracket in October 2022. She has participated in many Grand Slam Tournaments, like the US Open and Wimbledon.

Gauff reached the 4th round in the Australian Open by beating the defending champion Naomi Osaka. In May 2022, Coco reached her 1st ever WTA 1000 semi-finals at the Italian Open. 

Coco got an opportunity to be selected for the 2020 Summer Olympics at the age of 17, a proud moment for her family and coach.

With a great career and huge growth potential, Coco has already been dubbed the American Wunderkind. Her popularity has given rise to many brand endorsements and sponsors.

Coco Gauff Clothing and Footwear Sponsorship

Coco has made a deal with the brands like New Balance, American Eagle, and Microsoft over the years.

The 18-year-old star has amassed 825k followers on Instagram, making her quite an influential figure. She has shared many photos of her wearing and promoting her sponsored brands. 

On September 5, 2019, Coco shared a photo of her in Tennis gear in New York. She had worn a shirt with the Barilla and New Balance logo. One user even commented that they would like to know where to get a uniform like hers. 

Coco has worn tennis gear that features the Italian Food company called Barilla
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Coco and Microsoft made a partnership on August 3, 2020. They decided to work together to enhance sports technology. 

Coco also shared a video on her IG handle talking about how technology can help her or any sportsperson's career on and off the field. Coco and Microsoft also demonstrated a tech-filled enhanced training session. 

Coco also shared another video where she promoted Microsoft Teams by showcasing her life story. She also showed a shoe designed with innovation, creativity, and collaboration from tech. She also tagged the Surface laptop in her post.

Gauff also displayed a shoulder bag from Supreme brand on December 15, 2022. Clervie Ngounoue, a fellow US tennis player, also remarked that she looked so pretty. 

Coco showcased a shoulder bag from the Supreme brand in December 2022
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Moreover, a user also commented on the Instagram post about where her cargo pants were from. To that, Coco replied that it was from the Urban Outfitters brand. 

On March 2, 2022, Coco shared a short IG video showing an advertisement that featured her paid partnership with the American Eagle clothing brand. She also wrote in the caption about the Spring vibes the brand's clothing gave her.

The tennis youngster has partnered with American Eagle brand for their Always Spring Campaign
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Coco Gauff New Balance Contract Breakdown

Gauff signed a contract with New Balance in 2018. Gauff's social media is filled with its clothing and footwear. 

The tennis player shared New Balance apparel and footwear with her audience on June 20, 2020, via Instagram. Her sporty blue top paired with green sweatpants brought a great color combination. 

Coco's primary brand deal is with the famous New Balance clothing company
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Coco shared another photo of her in an attractive Red jacket from New Balance on August 23, 2021. She also captioned, "Express yourself, 90s style. Something new coming." One user stated that they loved her jacket while another complimented her makeup.

Gauff also consistently wears New Balance outfits while playing Tennis, whether in smaller tournaments or Grand Slams. The New Balance logo shined well when she lifted the runner-up trophy in 2022 French open. 

Coco seen with her New Balance sponsor in the 2022 French Open
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Coco also shared a contrasting-colored New Balance outfit on January 12, 2023, via her Instagram. She wrote in the caption that there was a new colorway tomorrow and tagged New Balance Tennis.

Coco doing a professional photoshoot in NB clothing in 2023
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Gauff Endorsements With Mags

Coco has also shared fame with other brands like Magazines and apparel.

She appeared on the cover of Teen Vogue Magazine in August 2022. Coco shared the great news on her IG and wrote in the caption that it was such an excellent opportunity. Coco also credited the makeup artists and stylists that gave her such a glowing look.


Coco appeared in the August issue of ESPN magazine in 2022. They had done the photoshoot in Delray Beach, Florida. Moreover, she also wore an orange top from New Balance and the brand commented that she was an inspiration.

Coco has appeared in many sports magazines like ESPN in August 2022
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Coco also loves custom jackets, as seen in her beautiful photo of her wearing a LA embroidered Varsity Jacket in the urban landscape of New York City.

Coco Gauff Net Worth [Updated 2023]

Coco Gauff has a net worth of 4 million dollars. Coco has made her wealth through career and brand sponsors.

Coco has a wealth of 4 million dollars at just 18 years of age, making her a successful athlete
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Gauff is widely considered one of the highest paid up-and-coming Tennis stars.

Per WTA, she has received a total of 5.5 million dollars as Prize money from her career. Gauff's salary primarily comes from her prize money. As of January 2023, Coco has earned $31,000. 

Coco's wealth is not only limited to her career but also her brand partnerships. Having a big clothing brand like New Balance has helped her to accumulate more money.

Moreover, working with a trillion-dollar firm like Microsoft only adds to elevating her net worth.

Since the tennis federation generally pays for the players' accommodation and travel needs, Coco does not have many expenditures from traveling abroad for tournaments. This has aided in her savings.