Who Is Colin Ingram-Moore? Facts To Know About Captain Tom Moore Foundation Co-Founder

Colin Ingram-Moore is a businessman. ( Source : Thetimes )

Colin Ingram-Moore is a businessman who, along with his wife, co-founded The Captain Tom Foundation in April 2020.

Colin is a seasoned CEO with a track record of success in the management consulting profession and as a land and development entrepreneur.

Who Is Colin Ingram-Moore? Wikipedia Bio Of Captain Tom Foundation Co-Founder

Colin Ingram-Moore runs the firm in the United Kingdom and has been a member of the Maytrix group since 2007.

He has been the Chief Executive of the Maytrix Group since August 2007, and he became a director of the firm in October 2011.

Maytrix Group is a multi-disciplined company that provides current thinking for today's demands, and its Change Management exists to answer the important difficulties that our clients, both large and small, face.

As the director of Maytrix Land since March 2011, Colin dealt mostly with Registered Providers in Central and Outer London. Further, he has recently concluded land purchase contracts with Home Group, Origin Housing, and Optivo.

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Colin Ingram-Moore Is The Husband Of Hannah Ingram-Moore

Colin Ingram-Moore married Hannah Ingram-Moore, the daughter of Captain Tom Moore, a British Army soldier, and fundraiser who made international news in 2020.

Hannah is a top businesswoman in the United Kingdom, a well-known motivational speaker, and a passionate booster of female entrepreneurs across the country.

Touching last photo of Captain Sir Tom Moore.
Touching last photo of Captain Sir Tom Moore. ( Source : Mirror )

The businesswoman has spent more than two decades in the industry, developing businesses and brands of all sizes and from all over the world. Hannah is currently the director and co-founder of Matrix, a multi-disciplined business recruitment service, with her husband, Colin.

Hannah has worked with UK-based companies such as Gap, Fortnum & Mason, and Whittard, as well as prominent European and North American brands such as Liberty London and Swatch Group.

Creating brands and enterprises of this kind has provided Hannah with a plethora of experience and skills, which she wishes to share with others and assist future female entrepreneurs.

It is not simple to achieve success in the corporate sector. Being successful as a woman has proven to be considerably more difficult. Hannah's desire and determination to achieve the heights she has never wavered.

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Colin Ingram-Moore Net Worth As The Owner Of Captain Tom Foundation

Colin Ingram-net Moore's worth is reported to be between $1 and $5 million dollars, however, he has yet to publish the precise sum.

Colin makes the majority of his money from business and has been a co-founder of The Captain Tom Foundation from April 2020 until the present. Colin has been enjoying a comfortable life with the money he has earned thus far.

Colin Ingram-Moore with his family.
Colin Ingram-Moore with his family. ( Source : Dailymail )

Captain Sir Thomas Moore, his father-in-law, became a global fundraising phenomenon in 2020 when he pledged to raise £1000 for Britain's National Health Service (NHS) by walking 100 laps of his lawn by his 100th birthday.

Thomas ended up earning approximately £39 million through the JustGiving website during a period when much of the world was under lockdown to combat the spread of COVID-19, and the money was donated to NHS organizations.

However, papers filed with the Charities Commission reveal that a second foundation established in his name, The Captain Tom Foundation, received £1,058,676 ($2.1 million) in distinct donations in its first year.

Only four grants totaling £160,000 were donated to charity. The charity spent the same amount on "administration costs," some of which were paid to a firm controlled by Hannah and Colin.

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